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April Fools at Blizzard – 2012

Blizzard was too busy for BlizzCon this year, but was not too busy for a few April Fools jokes.

Well, compared to previous years, it does feel like they were a bit under the gun for time.  But a tradition is a tradition, and so there are a few April Fools bits to enjoy.


Blizzard introduces a new advance in authenticator technology with Zergotchi!

Currently Sold Out

Zergotchi combines your authenticator with a virtual pet.

Zergotchi Features

Further information is available on the Zergotchi product page.

Supply Depot 2

A newly announced game for iOS and Android, Supply Depot 2 puts you in the role of… a StarCraft supply depot, strategically placed to block the path of both friends and foes alike.

Actual Game Dialog

You can play the demo in your browser at the Supply Depot 2 site.

Blizzard Kidzz

Blizzard is introducing a line of educational games with suspiciously familiar titles.

Blizzard Kidzz Titles

The Map from Westfall Trail

Descriptions of the entire selection of education games, including a demo of Zergling Teaches Typing, can be found at the Blizzard Kidzz site.

Fledgling Heroes – Blizzard Novels for a New Generation

I was not sure this was an April Fools item at first glance, but on reading the synopsis for the first novel, it was clear this was part of today’s entries.

The series is a set of novels for teen and tween readers set in popular Blizzard IPs.  As with Blizzard Kidzz, the plots seem suspiciously familiar.  While there is no page set up for Fledgling Heroes (so no book covers, darn!), you can read the plot summaries in the press release to see if you can spot the parody.