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The Slow, Slow Trip to the Battle of Q1U-UI – Now With Music!

As promised/threatened, a video look at Drake Fleet trying to make it to the battle at Q1U-UI.

As usual, you are better off going to YouTube to watch the video in higher resolution.  It should be available up to 720p.

If you are reading this via RSS or a mobile device that does not show the embedded video, you can find it here.

Unlike other EVE videos I have posted, this one contains audio from fleet coms in addition to appropriate music.

This was because there was no profanity, no confidential information, and because the pain of 10% time dilation occupied much of the com traffic.  The high point of hilarity was when news came back to us that the TEST bomber fleet had just bombed the CFC welp fleet.  Successful bombing is already an art, and TiDi makes bombing a more difficult task than usual. (CFC and TEST are allies, so this was a bad, if comical, event.)

As for the music, I actually asked in chat what music would be good for a video of slow-motion travel and got a few good ideas.  But I already had the song in mind even as I began taking video.  Can anybody name the song in the comments for the moral equivalency of “firsties?”

As noted in my original post on the fight, we did eventually make it to Q1U-UI, but it was a long trip.


The Fleet Route

This is the actual route the fleet took.  According to the time stamps on screen shots, it took us nearly 50 minutes to travel 8 systems.