Seleene Elected Chairman of CSM 7

With the downfall of The Mittani after his clear electoral victory, the new Council of Stellar Management’s first order of business was to elect a new Chairman and Vice Chairman.

While the position of Chair goes to the candidate who receives the most votes, if the Chair needs to be replaced, the whole council, sitting members and remote alternates together, elect a  new chair.

And so it was that Seleene was elected Chairman of CSM 7 despite having received the fewest votes of any of the seven initial sitting members of the council.  The vote was near unanimous.  Seleene was opposed by Two Step, but received 12 of the 13 votes from the council, with only Two Step voting for himself.  If you cannot get your own vote, you are really in trouble I guess.

The position of Vice Chairman went to Trebor Daehdoow… who yes, is the guy who co-wrote Wizardy all those years back… how awesome is that… who came in fifth place in the overall CSM voting.

Two Step was elected to the position of CSM Secretary while Hans Jagerblitzen, a remote member of the CSM, was elected to the position of Vice Secretary.

And, UAxDEATH, who came in 8th place was elevated from an remote/alternate member of the council to a sitting member.

The only question is, how will this new council perform?

For all you can say about The Mittani, I feel he did an excellent job as Chairman of CSM 6, which is why I supported him publicly for CSM 7.  But he was also in that position when a crisis came to the EVE community, so he was given a very public test of his abilities with the Incarna and RMT Plan explosions.

Leaders in eventful times are often judged great despite their flaws due to the backdrop of history, while able leaders in quiet times fare less well in the eye of history.

What will the fate of CSM 7 be?  Will CCP give them a way to shine, either through planning or by screwing up yet again?  Or will CSM 7 be like the councils before CSM 6, and seem more widow dressing than anything else?

And will The Mittani, with his the plans to burn down Jita on April 28th to test CCP, give the council its place in the spotlight?  Will that be a gift or a burden for the new council?

I suppose we will see in about a month.

(Hat tip to Jester for pointing at the new council post, and for his eerily insightful pre-election characterization of the candidates.)

5 thoughts on “Seleene Elected Chairman of CSM 7

  1. carson630000

    “..the guy who co-wrote Wizardry all those years back..”

    Holy crap. Never played Wizardry – it was just a little bit before my time – but I remember reading about it in Dragon magazine and thinking it sounded like the coolest thing ever. Was a big influence in me picking up games like Bard’s Tale 3 that really set me on the gaming course I’ve been on ever since (damn, something like 25 years now).


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I remember seeing Wizardry on a friend’s Apple II in high school and thinking that was a game I would never tire of. It was one of the first games I bought when I got a computer in college. (My Apple ][+ with Wizardry.) I still have my hand-drawn on graph paper maps from the game.

    It is a small world.


  3. mbp

    There are rumours going round the forums of some massive RMT scandal involving Pandemic Legion – trillions of isk and bannings have been mentioned. Anyone know if this impacts on Seleene at all?


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