The Return of the RAZOR Alliance to Tenal

My desire to see more fleet actions during the war in Tenal this past weekend was a futile hope.

Friday morning, the map of Tenal looked like this.

Tenal - April 6

And now, on Monday morning, it looks like this.

Tenal - April 9

And in between I was able to get in on a single Tenal fleet on Friday night, and all we did was go out and put an infrastructure hub into reinforce mode so it could be blown up 24 hours later.  That mission wasn’t even worth a post.  The screen shots I took will probably end up on EVE Online Pictures.

No epic battles with thousands of ships and time dilation in play.  The sovereignty map for today shows RAZOR Alliance pretty much in control of Tenal, with Raiden down in the Vale of the Silent, an appropriate place I suppose given how little they did in the war over the last week.

Of course, there is a story behind all of this.  That is the lore of EVE Online, the stories of what the players did.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the story, or not in any detail, and there are NPCs out there to intone it to me, guiding me through the lore with a series of quests and cut scenes.  It is like the stories in any city of moderate size, you only know the ones with which you are directly involved and maybe a few more you have heard from friends.

Still, there are enough resources out there that I can piece together bits of it.

Pictures follow after the break.

Thanks to the automated EVE Online sovereignty maps site, and the EVE Maps at DOTLAN, I can look back about a year ago and see the state of things in null sec.

March 15, 2011

Goonswarm is up in Deklein as it is today, and in Branch and Tenal there is the RAZOR Alliance along with a couple of its allies.  White Noise, soon to be a player in the war in the north, is down in the southeast part of the map.  And Raiden, White Noise’s partner in all of this, isn’t even on the map yet, having just been formed two months before.

May 30, 2011

Jumping forward to May 30, 2011, Raiden is on the map.  White Noise seems to be losing ground in the south, but both Raiden and White Noise have significant footholds in the north.

June 15, 2011

Just 16 days later, White Noise and Raiden have expanded their base in the north while abandoning their holdings in the south.  And Raiden has pushed through and taken a good chunk of Tenal.

June 30, 2011

And by the end of June, RAZOR and its allies had been pushed out of Tenal and Branch.  Looking at the map, you can see that Goonswarm carved out some places for them to rebuild within its own territory.

I actually have a piece of that part of the history of the game, which I captured purely by accident in a screen shot.

Captain's Quarters - June 2011

This was taken just after Incarna went live and I was being aggressively underwhelmed by the captain’s quarters.  There I am, sitting on the couch, looking at the screens.  But on the screen it shows White Noise having taken the system QCWA-Z in Branch, something that happened on June 20, 2011 during their war of conquest.

November 30, 2011

The rebuilding situation did not go on for long.  Some of the alliances disappeared.  RAZOR got a spot and made a home in the southern end of Deklein, which is where it was when I actually entered the story, just in time for the conquest of Branch by the CFC.  And we know what happened there.

White Noise in Branch

White Noise, despite some very big words, was driven from Branch and eventually imploded.  As an alliance, it is now down to one corporation with a few members and hold no sovereignty.

White Noise as of April 9, 2012

That left a vacuum that Raiden attempted to fill, grabbing what was left of the White Noise holdings until we stood at the pre-FanFest point of time.

March 15, 2012

This is a year after the first map I put in after the cut.  And then actions at FanFest seemed to spur Raiden and its allies into action.  They thought they sensed weakness and started on an effort to remove the CFC foothold from Tenal and to demoralize the CFC in general with attacks on infrastructure.  The war in Tenal had begun, which leads us to today’s map.

April 9, 2012

After a few big fights, Raiden essentially ceded control of Tenal and now holds just 9 of the 60+ systems in the region.  And since none of those systems have a station, they have lost any base of operations in the region.

Still, for the time being, Raiden is holding together better than White Noise.  It has a chunk of space still, allies, and does not appear to be in the same cascade of failure that hit White Noise after its loss in Branch.

Raiden - April 9, 2012

And then there is RAZOR Alliance, which is back in control of at least some of the space it lost less than a year ago.

RAZOR - April 9, 2012

The sovereignty and member change lists tell the tale.  RAZOR up in a big way, Raiden down in a big way, but both stable on membership.

April 9 sov. & member changes

So the wheel of events turns and RAZOR finds itself on the upswing again.  I am sure there are deeper stories behind these events as to why Raiden and White Noise came north, why RAZOR lost that battle so quickly, and what lead to the quick collapses of first White Noise and then Raiden in the end.

But if you look at the maps above, and all of the other changes, there are clearly many stories that could be told.  And, like history, they do not end with one event or another, but carry on even as individuals and groups enter and leave the narration.

6 thoughts on “The Return of the RAZOR Alliance to Tenal

  1. sarapickell

    Sad part is, after reading all that the question in my mind is “What the hell happened to Shadow of xXDeathXx!?”

    It’s the change between these two pictures specifically that got me curious.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Sara – I know, looking through those maps, and I went through a couple dozen to pick out different stages of the conflict, makes you wonder at all of the other conflicts, both internal and external, that are going on in the game.

    Shadows of xXDeathXx seems to be imploding. I added the sov andm member change charts for the last 7 days from DOTLAN, and you can see that they have shed a thousand members. That, plus over 100 corporations means that there was clearly something going on. No idea what, though there was some unrest that we got involved in back in March.

    It is a big game and full of stories. Unique stories too, not everybody running through their own version… maybe slightly different, but with the same details… of the same story.

    The pity is, I suppose, that it can be tough to find out what is going on outside of your corner of space. The most reliable source of data I know of is the sov maps, but if ever a picture wasn’t worth a thousand words….


  3. Stabs

    The player behind xXDeathXx is on the CSM so there’s still activity there. It’s possibly as much a reorganisation as a withdrawal. I believe the large territory previous shown on the map as Shadow of Death space was mainly pets and they maybe have been handed over to one of the other Russian alliances.

    Where are Pandemic Legion in all this? I thought their supercaps were what was keeping Goons and ex-NC out of Tenal and Branch. Did the Russians stop paying them?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    PL? I figured Finfleet would be hot dropping supercaps on us day and night once we were on their doorstep… and in their living room. But no, they pulled back. No idea what the story was there. I’ll have to go read the forums and see if there is any intel out there.

    Biggest disappointment: EVE News 24. Two giant rounds of sov changes, and their biggest report over the weekend was that bomber fleet kill mail. Hilarious, but is that news? And Riverini is involved with at least one of the wars.


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