Six Fleets in Venal

As previously mentioned, after the war in Tenal came to a quick end, the focus of the CFC seemed set to turn on the truce breaking Northern Coalition and their tech moons in the Venal region.

This was confirmed last night (my time) at the State of the Goonion, where The Mittani outlined the plan for the CFC to go for a maximum effort this weekend in Venal to try to start and end this moon war in the north.

Alliances in the North

The call to arms seems to have worked.  I got on an hour late and found all the fleets not only out, but pretty much full.  I slept in a bit and now I have to wait for a reinforcement fleet.

But from the sound of things on fleet coms, where I spent a brief time this morning, things are going well for the CFC.  The Mittani linked to a screen shot of a fleet of 175 dreadnaughts destroying a tower.

Dreadnaughts Attack

It is a wide-screen picture, so you have to click on it to be able to see capital ships clearly.  You can also see the soon-to-be-destroyed moon harvesting array in the blast.

A moon harvesting array

So, it may be true that Vince Draken, leader of Northern Coalition, has decided not to contest the moons in Venal given the large forces that the CFC was able to muster.

Or they may be laying low.  Since the moons in Venal lay between the two parties, there is the potential for this to turn into a long guerrilla war with each side preying on the moons of the other.  And there is still another day to go in the offensive.  There is still plenty of time for things to get hot.

Also mentioned in the State of the Goonion was the fact that the CFC is not going to invade Cobalt Edge where Intrepid Crossing lives, though it was promised that if they became involved in the moon war in Venal that the CFC would come in and destroy their capital ship assembly arrays (CSAAs), thus setting back severely any of their capital ship production.

There was also mention of some sort of agreement with Ev0ke, whom the Goons have been fighting with since the dawn of time.  This involved them relinquishing some moons that they had previously taken.  I was actually on an op last night that was focused on taking back a moon in Pure Blind.

Ev0ke tower coming out of reinforce

That op naturally went unopposed.  It is looking like April is going to be a month of structure kills for me unless things heat up.  I spent a lot of the op taking pictures of the non-Drakes in Drake Fleet.  We had some interesting guests.

An Oracle at the tower shoot

The State of the Goonion then wrapped up with a discussion about the Jita event and Hulkageddon, then went to a question and answer session.

So here I am, waiting for a reinforcement fleet to be called for the Venal operations.  The lack of such a fleet seems to indicate that no large battles have taken place.

5 thoughts on “Six Fleets in Venal

  1. Mbp

    Great screen shots as always.

    I am still hoping you will post your intention to participate/not participate in the Jita or Hulkageddon events and of course the reasons for your decision either way.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I probably won’t participate in either. I will likely go to Jita to see the destruction and listen in on coms, and report on what I saw, but I doubt I will be blowing things up. Despite my amusement at such events in the abstract, I am one of those people who would want to apologize to each person who got blown up.

    Likewise, Hulkageddon doesn’t seem all that thrilling. I Sympathize with the miners too much and I don’t really enjoying blowing people up who are otherwise engaged in activities that do not impact me in any negative way. When I helped Gaff with a gank once, during the ice interdiction, I ended up chatting with the miner and taking pictures.

    That I accept that scamming, ganking, piracy, and whatnot are part of the acceptable game play styles in EVE does not mean that I run out and do them.


  3. mbp

    Thanks for answering Wilhelm. I understand your sentiments and I feel pretty much the same myself. I think that the ever present threat of being ganked anywhere any time is essential to what makes EVE such a great game but I personally don’t think I could participate in ganking myself. I did wonder though if your time spent with the goons had made you see things in a different light.


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