Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

Internet Spaceships are not Always Serious Business

Not every fleet message that comes over Jabber involves conquest or homeland defense.  Some are put up with less serious intentions in mind.

Hello everyone!! Let go have some fun and make some hilarious killmails!
Fleet: Comdey Op   FC: Reelism
Rally: VFK   Coms: Goon Mumble op 4
Ships: Battle Badgers/Rookie ships/Lasor Rifters/Rainbow Geddons/Anything else with a hilarious fit
Special Requests: Beer and drunken shenanigans

I need to figure out a comedy fit for the next time one of those ops comes up.

The rainbow effect appeals to me...

That is a random picture stolen from the internet… stolen from somebody who stole it from somebody else from a source that appears to be gone now… which I chose primarily because the lasers are almost in Roy G. Biv order.  That is probably as close as you can get in EVE. Nice!

And even when there is business to be taken care of, the attitude isn’t always serious.

MURDER WITH SUAS – Join Savagethrash’s fleet (that’s suas, goddamn son), Welpfleet, we’re going to pop a pair of medium towers and then we’re going to run around and make fools of ourselves and DIE. To something. Welpcanes > Scimitars > stuff. More Logis the better.

That, by the way, is Suas of “Little Bees” fame, maybe one of the best EVE related videos ever.