And Then Nobody Showed Up in Venal…

Well, nobody but us.  A full Alpha fleet and an overflow fleet.

So we flew around in a Maelstrom conga line while the scimitars repped our tower and Dabigredboat told us about his new computer.

A daisy chain of battleships...

He has four monitors now.  He linked us pictures in fleet chat.

Dabigredboat prefers IE 9 over Chrome and Firefox.  He said so, right there on coms, where everybody could hear him.

Addendum: It seems like things went south later on in IRC territory.

6 thoughts on “And Then Nobody Showed Up in Venal…

  1. Alikchi of GoonSwarm

    Pretty sure I was there watching you guys, cloaked in a Hound.

    If big fleet comms bug you too much, consider joining a special interest group like Capswarm or TNT’s equivalent of Bombeneinsatzgruppe. Or maybe TOPGOON. Pretty much any op mainly composed of bombers is very chill and relaxing.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh, coms don’t bother me, I just like to poke fun at DBRB. He is the sort of character who invites it, if only for dishing it out so much. Like when he called out he had been tackled on the 92D gate when we were all sitting in 92D. That caused some confusion.

    Call it the color commentary of the operation.

    And DBRB has found bad guys often enough that I’ll join his fleets any time I have the time. Not every FC has to sound like a late night FM radio DJ like Zarks.

    But bombers do sound interesting. I can fly one now, though I need to work on some missile skills. I went the cruise missile route in the past.

    And we needed more Maelstroms in that conga line.


  3. flosch

    That looks like a conga line of maelstroms. Or like an old “ship of the line” line of yore… but with all the captains drunk at the wheel.

    and right before I sent off this comment I actually bothered to read your comment, too, and saw that you already mentioned the “conga line”. I’ll still post it here because I came up with it on my own! ;)

    It’s interesting seeing those huge operations. I seem to have a similar problem to yours, only the other way round: I typically log off too early and a lot of action happens later. So all I do is small scale hiding and blobbing with kitchen sink fleets of 10-15 people, at the very most.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shadow – He got shit on coms for IE9. I was inclined to think he was trolling again.

    The IE9 thing stood out for me because earlier in the day at the office we had discovered that IE9 refuses to display certain elements in our web based administration tool, elements which have no problem with any other browser, including IE8.

    @Grombeck – And, I would hope, a Mother’s Day card in place of a Christmas card?

    I always mention what DBRB talks about on ops because it becomes part of the flavor of the op. Talking about what happened without mentioning his topic of the night seems like an incomplete description of the op.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that DBRB, during fleet op story time, also revealed the origin of the name Dabigredboat.

    I forgot most of the tale… like all the significant details… but he was playing some online game way back with a nautical theme and wanted his handle there to be TheBigRedBoat. However, in the usual tyranny of the internet, names were limited to 12 characters. (I have a last name longer than 12 letters, and I run into this all the time. I once told an obstinant programmer… with a two letter last name… that he could not ship his product unless I could put my damn name in it. He had limited the name fields to 8 characters, which helped me rally support to force him to change his schema.)

    So he went with DaBigRedBoat, though for some reason equated “Da” with “yes” in Russian and then I was too busy fussing about getting in the right spot in the Maelstrom conga line to follow that story any further.

    So, to go back to the first comment, I will continue to report about what DBRB talks about, but I only mean it in a negative way if I start saying things like, “That damn DBRB” or some such.

    I nearly did that when writing about one of the ops last week. It was a Zarks fleet, but DBRB got on the command channel and started telling Zarks about this new mouse he bought. But he relented and said he wouldn’t carry on interrupting the op with his special command powers. I was on the “no chatter” channel at the time because coms were already pretty polluted, so it was both amusing and galling to have him suddenly break in to talk about his new toy.


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