Driven out of King’s Breach

It was Saturday night and everybody ignored the instructions and brought potato salad.

People were supposed to show up with another level or two on their character.  Our next target instance shows up in the dungeon finder thingy as requiring level 34 to enter and we were… short of the mark.

  • Hillmar level 32 cleric
  • Jollyreaper level 32 mage
  • Gizalia level 31 mage
  • Zahihawass level 31 cleric
  • Earlthecat level 31 warrior

Still, we were a couple of levels up from last time.  So we thought we might ride out there and take a swing at the yard trash at least.  So we headed out to King’s Breach just to see what we could see.

Cool picture unrelated to the narrative

The usual over usage of visuals after the cut.

There we were.

We went in and found pretty much what we saw last time; a lot of level 35 mobs roaming the open area before us.

It doesn't look that bad...

So we thought we would see what we could manage.  Initially things went okay.  Earl was able to pull single mobs from groups and we took them down.

Stayin' alive

That quickly changed when we pulled one of the big guys roaming the middle area of the instance.  He put the beat down on Earl before I could get a heal off.  After reviving, the next pull got a group that went okay, but only because we pulled back far enough for the NPCs around the entrance to assist us.  And the next pull ended up in another wipe even with their help.

The NPC is still fighting, but we're dead

After the next wipe, we got another one of those big guys who killed us AND the NPCs without breaking a sweat, we decided that perhaps level 34 was more than an idle recommendation.  We took one last look and headed out.

We'll be back!

Unfortunately, due to unequal efforts across the group, we were completely out of sync on the quests from Perspice, the main hub in the zone, so following quests seemed to be off the table as well.  So we went and did what you can always do in Rift.  We chased Rifts.

There seemed to be some sort of new event going on in addition to the wind down of the Carnival of the Ascended involving earth and fire rifts.  So we ran around Scarwood Reach knocking those down.

The big guy in an earth rift

And for each we got the usual planarite as well as the glass beads for the Carnival of the Ascended.  But we also got another currency as well, molten gold or some such.  Gold appeared to be the key to this new event.  It was all some people could talk about.

What is it you want?

As we ran around the zone, we picked up another player who joined our open group, and who stuck with us for the whole night, which seemed kind of odd.

It wasn’t odd that he joined us, but we must have seemed like the most unfriendly group around.  Because, of course, we were all chatting away on Skype and only saying an occasional word to him.

Oh, and we wiped a couple of times assaulting a Guardian outpost, which seemed like a perfectly good time for a stranger to decided we were idiots and go some place safer.  But he stuck with us through until the end of the night as we killed a lot of earth rifts.

The end boss from the other flavor of earth rift

After a bit, we did see that there was a zone event going on in Scarlet Gorge, which is right next door, so we ran over to participate in that.  There were enough people online Saturday night for the event to be a success.  Mid-week zone events in mid-level zones tend to fail due to lack of participants.  You just can’t do it all yourself or even in a small group.  Especially the final boss fight.

Like a boss... fight

The zone event marked the end point for us and we headed back to Meridian to count up what we had accomplished.

We had all gotten at least one level further along.  We might have to do another week of Rift chasing or questing to get in the zone for King’s Breach though.

The guild finally finished the “kill 1000 rift creatures” quest we had picked up over a month ago.  At last!  The next quest ought to push us to level 5.

We collected quite a few more glass beads.  I have to figure out what to do with mine by tonight.  Should I trade them all in for one of the other currencies or will I be able to convert them after the Carnival is gone?

They pulled the mobile app for the Carnival already

And we each ended up with nearly 300 units of the new currency and we found the vendor over in the corner of the event area in Meridian.

Another currency, another vendor

He looks kind of like the Lorax from the recent movie… if he had been really old and lumpy… and on fire rather than being furry.  So just like him.

We will see if we can get into the right level bracket for King’s Breach this coming week.  I think as a warm up we might go hit the Droughtlands.  We are at the very low end of the level range, so the experience will be good, we can do the same quests, and we might have to work as a team in the face of some higher level, but not elite, mobs.

3 thoughts on “Driven out of King’s Breach

  1. sleepysam

    Skype? Just wondering if that is easier to use nowadays than vent/teamspeak, or if it easier if no one has a server handy.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    We have been using Skype for the group for the whole time. It used to be viable only for a small group because the conference call size was limited to 5 people. That has since increased and I think you can have something like 12 to 18 people on a call now.

    For me Skype is easier because it is free and I use if for other things already. And it is also an IM client that is good at delivering delayed messages to people who are offline. I just sent out a message to patch early, since yesterdays update was nearly 900MB.

    For a big guild/corp you still have to go with Vent/TS/Mumble or whatever just for capacity and channels and such.

    One of the things I have never used is the built-in voice in most games.


  3. pkudude99

    KB will be plenty rough for you at 34 as well. The trash you’ve seen, so it won’t be a big deal other than the big guys, and if you’re careful with them and don’t get adds you’ll be fine, but the bosses have some interesting tricks, and there are some ground things like the death idols from invasions that you’ll need to kill which spawn adds that are rather “fun” to sdeal with too.

    I’d really suggest level 35 and make sure you’re in at least full crafted greens or better. I’ve let my Rift sub go, otherwise I’d log in my armor smith and make you some, but I got away from that back at level 19, didn’t I? and i haven’t logged into Rift since December anyway, so. . . . there ya go.


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