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Raiden Aims at Foot, Shoots Self in Groin

2012 hasn’t been a good year for Raiden.

Raiden is a null sec alliance with whom the CFC has been at war for most of my time in 0.0 space, and that conflict has not gone well for them.

There was the start of the war in the north, where they were teamed up with White Noise, an alliance that fell apart and which has since disappeared from the sovereignty maps.

There was the back and forth grind of the post “White Noise collapse” time frame, where Razor managed to encroach on Tenal, grabbing a few systems.

Then there was the FanFest war, in which they were driven out of Tenal completely.

And then, just last week, after resetting their standings with Ev0ke for cutting a non-agression pact on mining operations with the CFC (part of the Venal war), managed to lose ~130 billion ISK in capital ships to a combined CFC, Ev0ke, and Brick sQuaD operation in the Geminate region.

Normally I would let things go at that.  The above were operations in which I and my corp/alliance were involved, things I would normally report on at the level at which I saw them.

But since then we no longer share a border with Raiden and are not actively pursuing them in any way.  To me, now, they are just another alliance in null sec.

Only they seem to have made such a phenomenal mistake yesterday that I am going to post about it just as sort of a very early “where are they now?” type of post, so later, when I wonder what happened to our former foe Raiden, I will have the information to hand.

More after the cut, which has some long quotes and a few maps and pictures.

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