Raiden Aims at Foot, Shoots Self in Groin

2012 hasn’t been a good year for Raiden.

Raiden is a null sec alliance with whom the CFC has been at war for most of my time in 0.0 space, and that conflict has not gone well for them.

There was the start of the war in the north, where they were teamed up with White Noise, an alliance that fell apart and which has since disappeared from the sovereignty maps.

There was the back and forth grind of the post “White Noise collapse” time frame, where Razor managed to encroach on Tenal, grabbing a few systems.

Then there was the FanFest war, in which they were driven out of Tenal completely.

And then, just last week, after resetting their standings with Ev0ke for cutting a non-agression pact on mining operations with the CFC (part of the Venal war), managed to lose ~130 billion ISK in capital ships to a combined CFC, Ev0ke, and Brick sQuaD operation in the Geminate region.

Normally I would let things go at that.  The above were operations in which I and my corp/alliance were involved, things I would normally report on at the level at which I saw them.

But since then we no longer share a border with Raiden and are not actively pursuing them in any way.  To me, now, they are just another alliance in null sec.

Only they seem to have made such a phenomenal mistake yesterday that I am going to post about it just as sort of a very early “where are they now?” type of post, so later, when I wonder what happened to our former foe Raiden, I will have the information to hand.

More after the cut, which has some long quotes and a few maps and pictures.

So on to Raiden.

Somebody noticed yesterday, when looking at DOTLAN Maps, that Raiden had rather suddenly lost most of its sovereignty.

It was actually kind of hard to miss, as there is a little sovereignty change ticker in the side bar of the front page, and suddenly Raiden was back at the top of the list. (They had been there recently.)

So there were some questions being asked.  Early speculation that I saw was that they had somehow forgotten to pay their sovereignty bills, something that happened to Goonswarm at one point when a past leader went on vacation without ensuring that there was enough ISK in the right wallet to pay the bills.

The truth, it turns out, was even better… or worse… depending on how you look at it.

EVE News 24 put up a quick update about Raiden losing sovereignty, but had no real details.  But in the comments, somebody posted the directorbot Jabber update that explained what really happened.

I have reproduced it below, with the sole change being that I removed the Jabber client IDs that get appended to each name, as they are long and distract from the text.  The original is in the comments at EVE News 24 if they are important to you.

The conversation is between The Mittani and Vince Draken, leader of the Northern Coalition alliance who, at one point, was aiding Raiden.

(9:11:01 AM) directorbot: A leak of our high-level diplomacy IN ACTION, straight out of jabberlon5:

(6:07:57 PM) vince_draken: oooppss RDN
(6:08:19 PM) the_mittani: lawin
(6:08:22 PM) the_mittani: lawlin, even
(6:08:27 PM) vince_draken lol
(6:08:30 PM) the_mittani: dunno what happened there yet, my agents are afk
(6:08:36 PM) vince_draken: i can tel you
(6:08:42 PM) the_mittani: but consider me pointing and laughing at them anyway
(6:08:46 PM) the_mittani: i see the ankou left yeah
(6:08:57 PM) vince_draken: a few days ago they made the Ankou renter corp “holding corp”
(6:09:01 PM) vince_draken: ankou left
(6:09:04 PM) vince_draken: they then rage kicked
(6:09:06 PM) vince_draken: said corp
(6:09:08 PM) vince_drakenand oppps
(6:09:12 PM) the_mittani: i
(6:09:14 PM) the_mittani: wow
(6:09:24 PM) the_mittani: kind of like they rage-reset ev0ke?
(6:09:26 PM) vince_draken: way to check who your holding corp was
(6:09:30 PM) the_mittani: um
(6:09:32 PM) vince_draken: yep
(6:09:38 PM) the_mittani: this is too good to be true
(6:09:46 PM) the_mittani: can i broadcast this? ;p
(6:09:48 PM) vince_draken: sure
(6:10:02 PM) vince_draken: laugh is on them
(6:10:03 PM) vince_draken: lol

*** This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all, replies are not monitored ***

This was followed up by a direct message to all on the directorbot channel (and I have to set up Jabber so it is on at all times recording these announcements, I miss too many gems while I am at the office.).

(9:15:42 AM) directorbot: My people, I would normally never believe such a tale, because it would require a kind of incompetence breathtaking in its comprehensiveness and attention to detail – yet after RDNdot reset Ev0ke, their most disciplined ally and one of our strongest foes, I’ll believe anything. If tomorrow you told me that RDNdot de-towered all their techs because of a sudden obsession with Thulium, I’d buy it.

*** This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all, replies are not monitored ***

So, to sum things up:

In a null sec alliance, one corp gets designated to hold the sovereignty.  In the case of Raiden, that responsibility had recently passed to The Ankou.

Raiden leadership then got in some sort of fight with The Ankou and kicked them from the alliance, causing the alliance to lose all the sovereignty held by The Ankou.

[Better description of sov mechanics in the comment #8]

And then hilarity ensued.  The map went from this:

Raiden sov, pre-kick

To this:

Raiden sov, 24 hours later

Meanwhile, there were 29 systems in null sec space without a sovereignty claim.  I initially heard that Northern Coalition was going to snatch up a bunch of them.

But at the moment, if you look at the map, it seems that an alliance called Rolling Thunder has laid a claim to the lions share of the systems.  I do not know who they are, if they are helping Raiden, helping Norther Coalition, or helping themselves.  But I am sure we will find out soon.

Such is life in null sec.

Sovereignty maps from the usual source, cropped by me.

Addendum: There is a post up at EVE News 24 which indicates that this whole thing was a scam by The Ankou.  Still, Raiden gave them the sov to hold.  The Ankou merely helped to push the gunshot into Raiden’s groin.

14 thoughts on “Raiden Aims at Foot, Shoots Self in Groin

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Kobeathris – As far as I know, that is the way alliances usually do things. You can see the sov corp on DOTLAN, and it tends to be, in my experience, a corp set up for that purpose with only a couple of members. But I have only the lowest form of access to anything alliance related, so only know what I read in the funny pages.

    The whole thing that is going on here has several layers. I reported on the literal “Raiden here yesterday, gone today” aspect of it. “Oh look, the map changed colors!” is the depth of my analysis.

    But there is the role of The Ankou and Rolling Thunder, the latter which was apparently a renter alliance, who may join up with NC or may be doing something else.

    And, in the grand tradition of EVE, over at Kugu there is the classic “this changes nothing, we didn’t need that Sov anyway” argument going on.

    You do not have to hold Sov to be a null sec alliance. Pandemic Legion isn’t on the Sov map. But it seems like a big change of pace for an alliance that just four month ago held a fairly sizable chunk of Sov.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh, and this post was syndicated over at EVE News 24.

    This probably wouldn’t have been a post *I* would have chosen to put over there, since my ignorance is more manifest than usual, but what ever. I told Riverini he could syndicate anything he thought was worthwhile. And I think I did well on the title at least!

    I’ll just avoid the comments and collect my ISK at the end of the month!


  3. Dril

    Three things (mostly because you’re the only blogger I follow who might know anything about EVE nullsec): do The Ankou still own the systems, just in another alliance, or has another corp snatched them up?

    What actually is CFC (the CFC?), which corps are actually in it and when/why was it formed?

    Are TEST involved in all of the stuff you do with Goonswarm?

    I ask because, well, you keep mentioning CFC and I can’t find any info on it and it seems like a bit of context to the whole conflict. And, plus, I’d like to actually venture into nullsec at some point so I’d sort of like to understand how things are shaping up.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dril – Such answers as I can provide. Anybody who knows better, feel free to correct me.

    I *think* you need to have an alliance to hold sov. I recall that even Chribba, who held one system in null sec for a while all by himself, had to create an alliance to do so. So when The Ankou got kicked from the alliance, they could no longer hold sov, and so the systems became unowned.

    As mentioned in the post, Rolling Thunder, an alliance that was renting space from Raiden, has attempted to grab sov in most of those systems. RT is a collection of a lot of corps, so we will have to see how that plays out.

    The CFC is the Clusterfuck Coalition. It is a group of alliances that have set standings to blue/good/10 with each other and which cooperate more or less pretty well with each other.

    If you look at the full sov map, the members go clockwise from TEST all the way around the north stopping at IRC and NC. The Goons call the shots, or appear to in any case, for the most part, though the political aspect of this loose alliance is not to be ignored. When Mittens announces we are going to war, I am sure he gets the political leadership of the other CFC alliances on board before hand.

    So TEST is part of the CFC. I have seen a lot of TEST people in fleets when I have been out on ops. The alliance to which I belong is TNT.

    The current rumor is that TEST is resetting its standings (making them red/bad/0 to -10) with some other CFC members. The rumor about that rumor is that they are bored and want somebody to fight with, though not necessarily to the point of wars of conquest. And the second tier sub-rumor is that TEST will never reset Goonswarm, because they are such pals, but some of the other alliances will be fair game.

    War and Peace are pretty relative terms in null sec. We are not, for example, going after any other alliance at this time. But we still roam into their territory (and they into ours) in search of fights.


  5. NoAstronomer

    Now you, or someone, needs to explain ‘reset’.


    PS Your adventures made me dig out my old EVE char and re-sub.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @NoAstronomer – Hah! Yes, after four months, I have started using some of the jargon of null sec without thinking about it.

    Reset refers to changing the standings between one organization and another.

    Currently TEST has set standings to all CFC members as blue/good/+5 or +10. Blue is how they show up in the overview, +5 or +10 is the actual numeric setting, and “good” is the relative relationship.

    TEST plans to reset some of those relationships. Reset seems to always mean “make bad” or set to neutral or hostile. That would mean setting them to 0 or down to -5 or -10. Neutrals show up with no marker in the overview, while negatives show up orange (-5) or red (-10). In null sec, you generally shoot people who are not blue.

    So when you need a working relationship with another corp or alliance, you “set” them to blue. When they have pissed you off or the marriage of convenience is over, you reset them.

    So when Raiden “reset” Ev0ke, they essentially declared them hostile.

    With out little trip out to BWF-ZZ, we did not set Ev0ke or Brick sQuaD to blue, even temporarily, which lead to us shooting each other at times, rather than shooting the common foe, Raiden.

    Does that make sense?


  7. dsj

    The exact method of sov holding follows a couple of rules:

    The TCU that actually stakes the claim to a system is owned and controlled on a corporation level — Those members of that corporation with the requisite roles can online/offline it.

    The TCU cannot be onlined if your corporation is not a part of an alliance. Any TCU online will offline the moment your corporation status changes so if you get kicked the TCU offlines and the SOV is lost. The TCU remains anchored at its location.

    A TCU can be transferred while online from one corporation within an alliance to another corporation without effecting SOV. Transfers cannot be made between corporations outside an alliance or within a different alliance regardless of the online/offline status.

    Any loss of SOV resets the sov level of the system so even if your alliance regains control of a lost system or even immediately re-onlines a TCU turned off be mistake the JB’s, cyno generators, or cyno jammers will not be usable until the right number of days passes.


  8. Hong WeiLoh

    “Reset” = you had good standings with us (+5 or +10), and now you have “neutral” standing, or possibly even orange/red standing (-5 or -10). Since most nullsec organizations have an “NBSI” (Not Blue, Shoot It) engagement policy, being “reset” is a big deal, as even if you are now _technically_ “neutral”, you’re fair game to attack and pop.
    In the daily nullsec grind/lifestyle on your own turf, there’s really not much difference between a red or a neut in terms of how you “react” to them. You report them in the intel channel, may attempt to find and engage them … or if you’re not fit for a stand-up fight (or are a nullbear), you safe up & cloak, POS up, dock up, log off, whatever, til the “danger” passes.


  9. Jarod

    “But there is the role of The Ankou and Rolling Thunder, the latter which was apparently a renter alliance, who may join up with NC or may be doing something else” The Ankou is the corp that manages Rolling Thunder and by looking at employment history between members in the Ankou and Rolling Thunder its easy to conclude that members of the Ankou have had alts/bots in Rolling Thunder to farm the iskies. “Hotdrop anyone?”


  10. Cyndre

    Good write-up, this is amusing stuff, and the comments section at Eve24 is actually pretty mild considering they tear most syndicated writers up.

    grats on a good showing over there.


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