Burn Jita – Video from the Jita 4-4 Undock

I took some video of the opening night of the Burn Jita campaign.  These were taken at the ship undock point at the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant at Jita planet IV moon 4, commonly known as Jita 4-4.

Jita 4-4 undock, lit up with explosions

Since time dilation was active and slowing things down to 15% to 25% of normal speed, the video is compiled at 4x the speed it was taken, which gets it almost up to what would be “normal” speed.  If you want to see things running at time dilation speeds, you can look at this.

Here is the direct link to the video.  It is available in quality up to 720p.

Watching in a larger frame at YouTube is recommended.

The music is “We are the Red Cavalry” performed by the Red Army Band and the Red Army Choir, back when there was a Red Army.  The music is available at iTunes and Amazon.com.

The second half of the video is the fight between the CFC fleets and a fleet that declared war on Goonswarm in order to fight them in Jita.

The first half of the video is just general shenanigans at the 4-4 undock.  I was on voice coms the whole time, and as far as I could tell, nobody from the Goons, or the CFC in general, was actually causing any of these ships to blow up.  This appeared to be other people keen to get in on the fun.

You can see a lot of white beams converging on ships.  Those are salvage beams.  People were going crazy trying to loot and salvage wrecks.  There were a few hundred ships just hanging around the undock watching the show.  It was pretty safe for me in my Ibis.

We got a message from The Mittani this morning.

I have arisen this morning to discover that I am, yet again, a ~bad man~ – such an awful person that the gaming press is again scratching their heads about how terrible I am and why any of you follow me. However, despite the cries of the wretches in Empire, it seems that CCP are pointing at the carnage in Jita and laughing – as expected – which means that the Burn can be followed up by Hulkageddon to really screw the economy.

CCP interviewed about Burn Jita at EuroGamer

Anyway. You’re all very bad people and should feel bad, or something.

EVE News 24 has a post up about the even with a video as well.

They are also keeping a freighter list of shame.  See who got ganked.

PC Gamer has an interview up about the Jita event. Not with Mittens, but they used a couple of my pictures.

SynCaine talks about EVE and Trammel.

Cyndre was there and has pictures.

Stabs was trying to loot.

More Drake Fleet Jita pictures here.

Monde Persistants has a write-up in French. It all sounds so much better in French.

Here, just for kicks, is the sort of kill that the gank fleet is really looking for.

And finally, it seems that for a lot of people, Jita is now closed.

Click on pic to see the tiny text

Too much fun!

6 thoughts on “Burn Jita – Video from the Jita 4-4 Undock

  1. Aufero

    Did anyone really expect CCP to complain that someone was injecting too much drama and entertainment into their game?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    There are always plenty of people who think that CCP should do exactly what they want as individuals.

    There was, for example, a serious thread in the EVE forums asking CCP to ban all goons for the dates of Jita and Hulkageddon. He got trolled mercilessly, and CCP had to lock the thread, but the guy seemed serious and he got a few people to agree with him.


  3. carson63000

    I normally play EVE with Help channel open, just because it’s a pretty good flow of conversation. I answer some questions, I learn some stuff, it’s all good.

    HOLY CRAP I’m up to my ears in tears this morning though!! You’re not wrong that absolutely plenty of players think that ganking should be a bannable offense. I honestly don’t understand how people come to be playing a game that is so obviously not what they want.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Carson – I had not considered the Help channel. I am not sure I have had it up in the last five years.

    And… wow. You are not kidding.

    Edit: Actually, I came on in the middle of a rant. There are some sane people on the channel and a lot of talk about moving to other trade hubs.

    honestly, I avoid Jita and Amarr and other such hubs, preferring to make money by selling to the lazy in outlying systems.


  5. Aufero

    Same from the newbie corp channels. I don’t know why I’m astonished by it at this point, (I’ve seen enough cluelessness on MMO message boards in the last 12 years that nothing should astonish me) but… holy cow.

    It’s an MMO where the ENTIRE ECONOMY revolves around PvP. This is the biggest PvP event Hisec has seen in years. And yet apparently my assumption that any real Eve player would be busy trying to figure out how to jump in and make a profit from it (or at least appear on a bunch of killmails) is mistaken.

    I’d go lie down and think about it, but there’s ISK to be made and ships to shoot. Which is what I thought Eve was about.


  6. Random Poster

    I think my only real problem with Eve’s open endedness is that when someone pulls something like this or a major theft there is no xonsequnce. The ability to be a Blackhat far surpasses the ability to be a Whitehat.

    I know it was mentioned that some people wanted to oppose this burning but the way things are set up they were attacked by the NPC cops for trying to be the so called good guys.

    Overall I think things like this are very very cool for the game, just wish the opnendedness extended both ways /shrug


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