Scenes from a Burning Jita – First Night

I couldn’t get a main to Jita, but I had an alt that I made ages ago handy.  He was in an Ibis and only three jumps out from Jita.

So at the first Jita fleet call I got on coms (so I could hear where things were going down) and flew in.

Time dilation was moving between 15 and 27%.  There were over 2,000 people in the system.  And fights were happening… slowly.

Dabigredboat was running a Drake fleet to attack anybody who had declared war on the CFC in hopes of being able to defend Jita, which included that fleet of now dead Abaddons in the pictures.

Meanwhile Digi was running the gank fleet of Tornadoes looking for full freighters.

And all the time ships were exploding while looters and salvagers were swarming over the wrecks. (White beams are salvage beams.)

And this was just opening night. (A day early, in case you did not get the word. Surprise!)

Tomorrow people will be out in force.

Until there, here is a bit of what I saw in Jita. Odd new slideshow technology has been added to I see.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will have to figure out what to do with the video I captured.  What music goes with the burning of Jita?

17 thoughts on “Scenes from a Burning Jita – First Night

  1. Stropp

    Music for Jita? Depends on your point of view. Benny Hill, or Ride of the Valkries.

    BTW, are you getting in the fight or doing the inteprid reporter thing?


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  3. An anon

    I did my best to do some kill mail whoring, but after about a half dozen kills I must have targeted the wrong ship, and poof! Concordokken!


  4. Cyndre

    The best part was that Abbadon Fleet disco’ing drakes. In the TiDi, the lazer volleys made Jita look like an 80s dance club.

    At one point, they had a single Drake primaried, and no less than 10 Abbadons were blasting the Drake, who getting remote rep’d up the wazoo, took it like a champ for more than 30 minutes. Definatly an impressive sight.

    Also, the Orcas floating around tractor beaming wrecks was hilarious.

    I definatly saw a few “OH SHIT” moments from Indy people, as they undocked into that clusterfuck in freighters or Indys, only to realize that the secret start date of Friday was a LOLURDUMB its TODAY!

    It was so awesome, best player created event so far I have ever been a part of, and I plan on going back tonight for more action, even if only as an observer pinging ships in my rookie.


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  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Yeah, the first encounter with the Abbadon fleet went badly because the Drake fleet was spread all over the place. They couldn’t break the Abbadon tanks. They regrouped and came back and started doing better.

    The gank fleet was called in to help them, and got some shots in, but it took a while because the gank fleet only had one round per gun, so they were trying to figure out how and where to reload.


  7. NoAstronomer

    Was the war declaration a tactical blunder in that it allowed CFC to hit their enemies without fear of CONCORD retaliation? Of course that probably didn’t help the industrials that got hit by the gank fleet.


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  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @NoAstro – The war dec idea was certainly not as effective as the high sec players thought. The gank fleet has neutral spotters and scanners who do the leg work while they sit in a safe spot.

    Meanwhile, a lot of players who probably weren’t up for the gank side of things suddenly got a chance to join the anti-war dec fleets. So that actually upped participation, especially with general CFC players.

    Finally, for all the “null sec players don’t know how to PvP in high sec” talk, the conditions in Jita are pretty much the same as in any big null sec fight. Big fleet, flying formation, calling targets, heavy TiDi.

    And even with Jita at max capacity and kicking people out, now fleets are roaming the adjacent systems hunting ward-decs and ganking.

    TL;DR – War decs and fighting back made the whole thing more fun for the Goons and the CFC.


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