Travel Advisory – Conflict in Jita

And The Mittani went into the temple of Jita, and cast out all of them who sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold tengus,

And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of fear; but ye have made it a den of pubbies.

-Endie, Goonswarm Minister of Communications

CCP may think that the Jita event is “f***ing brilliant,” but they appear to still want to cut down on the number of people who are being taken completely by surprise by the event.  Proof again that the forums and the blogs are only a small part of the community of any game.

So when you launch the EVE Online client, you might see this.

click to enlarge

Despite the disclaimer at the top, you might even see it more than once.  I tried it, and I see it every time I launch the client.

And the part about surrounding systems is serious.  When Jita stopped letting more people in… well… all those auto-piloting targets sitting stuck at the gates to Jita in Perimeter, New Caldari, Sobaseki, and so on became too rich of a target to resist.

At one point the call went out to remind people that this operation was to burn Jita and not every single neighboring system.

The burning continues.

And if you are wondering if things are really happening in Jita, take a look at this map.

Ship kills in the last hour - 23:30 Apr 27

That is the EVE map set to show the relative amount of player owned ships killed in the last hour.  The giant flaming red spot is Jita.  That is close up, so you can read the system name.  Zoomed out so you can see the whole of EVE and…

Kills in the last hour, zoomed out

The big red spot that is Jita still dominates the map.  And if I change that to the last 24 hours…

Kills in the last 24 hours, zoomed out

And the red circle of Jita is so big that it covers a sizable proportion of high security space.

So while I saw quite a bit of “Goon Fail!” baiting in local in and around Jita, this event appears to have turned Jita into the center of PvP play in EVE Online.

You are here... and it is not safe

So that travel advisory is well warranted.

Oddly, when it comes to pods, while Jita is again the big red spot, Perimeter, an adjoining system, is not that far behind.  I think somebody smart bombed all the pods that were stacked up at the gate due to traffic control after their ships had been destroyed.


5 thoughts on “Travel Advisory – Conflict in Jita

  1. Mbp

    It sounds a if the “Real Jitageddon”is happening in Perimeter. When I logged on last night at Euro prime time the gates to Jita were locked and no one was able to fly in. I managed to get in by death jumping but 4,4 was full of noob ships, frigates and other lol ships. There was plenty of shooting but it was all goofing off and trash kills because nothing valuable was coming in.

    I was pretty disappointed because there was less than 1900 folks in local and there wasn’t even time dilation. If CCP really support the campaign why did they put such a low cap?

    The most interesting point of the couple of hours I logged on was when CCP hot patched a gcc bug which had led to several players being concorded for shooting criminal flagged targets.


  2. Cyndre

    17 Freighter kills, 236 indy kills 28 strategic cruiser kills… 590B total ship loss

    People can say what they want about the goons failing, but seems more or less success so far from where I am sitting…


  3. mbp

    Logged in this evening at same time and the cap in Jita seemed to have been lifted. Plenty of Tonrados shooting stuff on the Jita side of the gates this time. Perhaps I was just unlucky last night and the low cap was due to the hot patch.


  4. NoAstronomer

    Amongst other things I’ve been running some courier contracts to make money. Over the past few daya there have been a couple of lucrative contracts available to run stuff into Jita. I declined.

    Out of all the losses in Jita how many are Goons getting shot down by CONCORD?


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @NoAstro – Oh, there has to be dozens of CFC deaths for every freighter ganked. But they were going for freighters with high value cargos, so the ISK balance was still in their favor.

    At different points there was a gank fleet just going after industrials as well.

    And there were a lot of kills related to fighting the War Dec fleets, which actually got a lot of CFC players who were not interested in ganking out to Jita for some straight up PvP.

    I should have some more data tomorrow.

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