EVE Online – Player Ships Blown Up in April

Why aren’t you following CCP_Diagoras on Twitter already?  He has all the fun facts, and today’s facts include the totals for player ships blown up in the month of April.

Making ships explode

This was just too interesting for me not to shamelessly repeat.  I love hard numbers.

Total player ships lost in April – 406,790

This number does not include rookie ships or ships killed by CONCORD.

Player ships lost to PvP

  • Total – 248,610
  • High sec – 61,790
  • Low sec – 63,903
  • Null sec – 108,317
  • Wormhole – 18,829

Player ships lost to PvE

  • Total – 158,180
  • High sec – 138,880
  • Low sec – 6,595
  • Null sec – 8,486
  • Wormhole – 4,229

Top killing alliances in high sec

(More on Red vs Blue here.)

Top killing alliances in low sec

Top killing alliances in null sec

Top killing alliances in wormhole space

And that is what keeps the EVE Online economy going.

6 thoughts on “EVE Online – Player Ships Blown Up in April

  1. Stabs

    Gosh 4229 ships lost while carebearing in wormholes. That’s a lot considering only 5% of Eve plays there and considering how much of a pain it is to grab a replacement there.

    Well done Goons for Burn Jita. I think pretty much everyone except the victims feels it’s a success. Even as (mainly) a carebear, I’m delighted to see the competition lose so many resources.

    As for Twitter I always forget to look at it. Do you open it in a browser tab and just leave it? Do you find that if you follow several people you get too much mundane stuff?

    Quickly looking at my latest Eve-related tweet, Twostep and a dev are nattering about art. Which doesn’t really interest me. There’s just too much banal stuff there.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stabs – I look at Twitter a few times a day. I am picky about who I follow. People who spam too much I unfollow. I try to keep it to a reasonable number (137 at last count) of people who generally post things that are interesting but who don’t go overboard.

    People who, for example, have Raptr set to tweet every time they log into a game or people who have all the Rift tweeting enabled, I don’t follow.


  3. bhagpuss

    Interesting info on Twitter. I made an account a long time back to play Echo bazaar (excellent game) but since I’m one of the freaks who still doesn’t own a mobile phone it’s never really occurred to me to use my Twitter account for, well, Twitter.

    Not that I need yet another place to read and write about stuff instead of actually doing it, but the idea of checking Twitter two or three times a day as though it was email sounds quite appealing. I might start that.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I got to see a seminar at the office by a “social media professional.” And what was good about it was that he did not simply cheer lead. He talked about practical applications.

    And one of the things he said was that when he sees somebody who follows literally thousands of people on Twitter, he shakes his head, because nobody can absorb that much information. You should focus on people who provide information that interests you and not just follow people to be social.

    He also suggested Flip Board for the iPad to read social media. It turns Twitter into a completely different experience, such that I read it both on the web and in the app. And it makes your Facebook wall a manageable reading experience, in my opinion.


  5. Lan

    @Stabs : there are a lot more daytrippers in wspace than the actual residents, and usually it is them who die PvE-ing..


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