Gates of Discord Vote Fails to Pass on Fippy Darkpaw

Well the issues have been resolved and the results of the vote are up. I’m slightly surprised, but it appears that more of you wanted PoP to last a bit longer. The next vote will definitely prove interesting.


EverQuest II Community Manager

I am not sure what Piestro was doing posting to the EverQuest forums, being he is supposed to be the EQII guy now, but there he was answering the question that had come up Monday morning.

The vote for the Gates of Discord expansion ended and people logged on in the morning to see it unlock.

Gates of Discord

Only it did not unlock.  Nothing happened.  People were upset.

You guys really need to get this fixed, hundreds of players on in the middle of the night US waiting for release and apparently no one notices at SOE that it isn’t working right until 10 hours later?  That’s unacceptable.  Especially since this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Please change the release time for expansions to a time of day when someone from SOE is actually in the office and paying attention.

No vote had gone against an unlock so far, but SOE had fumbled the last couple of unlocks, so the assumption most easily arrived at was “Another SOE screw up!”

Even I jumped the gun a bit.  I wrote up a “Gates of Discord Unlocked” post this past weekend, fully expecting to post it this week, only to find it will have to wait.

But then Piestro’s message was posted.  The vote had failed.

Of course, there was a message from one person who said voting was screwed up and that he had not been able to vote with any of his four accounts, an issue that petitioned without getting a reply.  So who knows how many votes got cast or counted.

So now we wait for the next vote.

According to the Progression Server FAQ, there is supposed to be a week off from voting, with a new vote coming up next week, meaning the next potential unlock date should be May 21.

But then somebody reported that there was already a new vote up.  I haven’t been able to verify this because all of the servers were down for a while and then the Fippy Darkpaw server remained locked when all the servers were brought up.

So there might be a week or two… or more… of Fippy Darkpaw staying at the Planes of Power, Lost Dungeons of Norrath, and Legacy of Ykesah expansions.

Discord remains at bay for now.

Addendum: Or not.

SOE sowed a bit of their own discord when Fippy Darkpaw was finally unlocked.

Subject: you rerolled the servers to classic EQ MORONS

yep, everyone is level 50 and you reset the server to classic.

That post was quickly deleted by SOE… they always say the posts were “moved,” but the destination always appears to be someplace beyond the reach of the forums.  But it appears that SOE did inadvertently (I hope) revert the server back to classic EQ.

Zatozia was on the forums with the following message:

The Fippy Darkpaw server is being restarted to re-enable expansion-specific content (including advanced levels) which were disabled due to the issues experienced earlier.

SOE had to prove they could indeed screw up today I guess.  Anyway, they restarted and restored everybody.  And the new poll is down as well.  In fact, when I looked, all the polls were gone from the list.

What will tomorrow bring?

4 thoughts on “Gates of Discord Vote Fails to Pass on Fippy Darkpaw

  1. Aufero

    It wouldn’t be classic EQ without massive patch day screwups and psychotic customer service.


  2. shatteredblog

    It’s such a shame what’s happened to SOE. Such a shame.

    That said, if I were playing on Fippy my vote would be to lock at PoP too. That expansion was the glory days of EQ.


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