Anger About Discord on Fippy Darkpaw

Hegel remarks somewhere that all facts and personages of great importance in world history occur, as it were, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.

Karl Marx

The surprise “no” vote on the unlock of the Gates of Discord expansion on the Fippy Darkpaw time locked progression server has some people quite annoyed.  It seems like a more aptly named expansion as each day goes by.

Gates of Discord indeed

There were threats of bad in-game behavior posted to the forums, intended to protest the results.  According to one poster on the forum (post since removed by SOE, but save here via the magic of RSS) these threats were being made good.

So the threats from Citi/TL have come true. Because GoD was not released they have now jumped the rotation and are killing everything, and then saying ” you don’t like it, vote yes for GoD”. Heck, some of them are even training people to get what they want. Is this going to be tollerated, I WOULD HOPE NOT

I suppose there is some small irony in this happening in relation to the Gates of Discord expansion, since its high level content is instanced and thus would make this sort of bad behavior much more difficult.

Cooler heads were interested in knowing how close the vote was.  SOE, however, has a policy of not releasing the actual vote count, for reasons they won’t list, which seems to me like a dubious stance at best.  Questions about the results lead to a forum thread of its own.

Initially Piestro, who seems to be on EverQuest duty again, announced that the “no” vote won by a 13 point margin.

Overall there was about a 13 point difference between No and Yes, with No being victorious. That’s a pretty significant victory.

Then questions came up as to exactly what that meant (something people should ask any time they see poll results without any context) with people trying to derive possible result scenarios.

Piestro followed this up with a single clarification.

Yes, it was 13% difference with greater than 50% of the populace voting no.

After that he left the thread to itself, which was probably wise if that was all the information he could release.

I, for example, wonder how they defined “populace.”  That seems like a very large number of people potentially, given how popular the server was initially.  I suspect that it means “eligible voters who have logged on to the server recently.”

Eligible voters was, of course, another of the points of contention that flared up in the thread.  For this round, anybody within 21 levels of the level cap were eligible, which meant characters who were level 44 or higher could vote.

This lead to the usual argument about such franchise, with one side declaring that only players at level cap should be allowed to vote, since the next expansion only matters to them, while others pointed out that if everybody pays the same subscription fee, then they all ought to be allowed to vote.

And things went down hill from there, devolving into the usual “if you aren’t at level cap then you aren’t really playing on this server” argument, which ended up out in left field arguing about tax law in the state of Washington, proving once again that you should avoid analogies at all cost.

The thread was abandoned at that point and a new thread started up in an attempt to regulate behavior based on vote outcomes, which seemed, to me, to be an effort to validate the behavior complained about in the initial quote above.  This thread devolved as well, but it is a official game forum, so what do you expect.

There *should* be a new vote up next week.  We will see what the outcome is this time around.

12 thoughts on “Anger About Discord on Fippy Darkpaw

  1. bhagpuss

    What they should do is have 17 servers (I think that’s how many expansions there are), beginning with Classic, then Classic+Kunark, Classic+Kunark+Velious and so on. When you’re ready to move on you get a one-time free server move one link up the chain.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I would have chuckled at your suggestion had it not already been brought up in discussion threads on a couple of occasions, usually followed by the forum version of a slap fight until the mods locked the thread.

    There has to be some sort of version of rule 34 for gaming forum threads. No matter what idea you have about a game, somebody on the forums has already suggested it and been called an idiot.


  3. Aufero

    I enjoyed GoD when it was originally released, but in retrospect it does seem like the point where EQ jumped the shark. I’d probably have voted against it myself.


  4. Carson

    It’s always nice to hear about the friendly high-quality communities older games like EverQuest had, before WoW ruined everything.


  5. Stabs

    Is training and stuff bannable? This game sounds like it’s becoming Eve in Dungeons. Surely there’s a point at which an intelligent games company would decide it didn’t want the $15 a month from the 30 or so hardcore activists who are determined to destroy the game for everyone else.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stabs – Yes, but that requires GM intervention and “sorry, didn’t see you there” excuses abound.

    I keep posting this sort of thing when they come up to remind those who are nostalgic for old EQ… and I include myself in that group… that we got to where we are today in MMOs for a reason.

    Anybody who rallies around a platform against things like instanced dungeon content needs to take this sort of thing into account or you cannot take what they are saying seriously.


  7. Cyndre

    Basing the quality of a server community by the people who post on the offical forums is a tenuous litmus at best.

    The people who argue with each other on the forums are even less credible as a gauge of server community.

    I would hazard a guess that most people who currently play on any EQ1 server, would site the community as their prime reason for suffering through all the difficulties of an aged game like EQ. THey stay DESPITE the lack of modern convieniences precisely because of the tight knit community that exists.

    Having some asshole training mobs to zone is an anomoly, not a culture, and those people exists everywhere and always will.


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Cyndre – Yeah, if this were a couple of random people training mobs, it would be an anomaly. Having the two largest raiding guilds on a server do it… well, where does that stand on the scale of community? I don’t think you can just dismiss that.

    People who play on normal EQ servers have pretty much all of the amenities of more recent MMOs. All new group content has been instanced since before WoW launch. People play there for community. But despite dire predictions by some, community can coexist with instancing and other advances in the genre.

    The real point here is that what is happening on Fippy Darkpaw, the problems with contested open world content and guilds not playing together and spoiling things for others is EXACTLY what was going on when these expansions were going live the first time around. It is the purpose of the quote at the top of the post; first time tragedy, second time farce.

    And they are issues that any game company had best remember lest they also experience the same repeat of history.


  9. Carson

    “the problems with contested open world content and guilds not playing together and spoiling things for others is EXACTLY what was going on when these expansions were going live the first time around”

    But isn’t the whole point of this server to provide a nostalgic revisiting of what EverQuest was like the first time around? You say that the normal EQ servers have pretty much all of the amenities of more recent MMOs – surely any EQ players that want that should be on the normal servers, leaving the progression server for people that genuinely want the full nostalgia experience?


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Carson – Certainly that is the ideal. We remember the good times… or the bad times that were good bonding experiences.

    But there are always the aspects we have conveniently forgotten.

    I don’t think anybody came along and said, “Yes, guild rage over contested open world mobs! That is why I am here!”


  11. Joshua Norton

    Everquest continues to have a quality community, in fact I would say the behavior overall on most servers is far and away better than the average server in the days of high populations and contested spawns. There was a time prior to the “play nice policy” that eq was like the wild west and what is described here was the common method for dealing with issues. Not a new problem I guess is my point.


  12. wizardling

    Woohoo! I may have convinced Troy to join me on EQ1 F2P in a weekly static group on a regular server (now I’ve resubbed to EQ1 for TLP – again. Look – things will be different this time, right? :-D ). Now if we can just convince someone else to join up to make a full party of six (three mercs)…


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