Clearly Diablo III is not Out of the Woods Yet…

I actually got home, had dinner, and was able to log into Diablo III on the first try ever.

Blizzard had the servers down for emergency maintenance earlier in the day, and it appeared to have done some good.  I was able to make my first character, play for a few hours, and form my early impressions of the game.  Those I will cover in another post.

Then after hitting a stopping point, I decided to log out of the game and then try to log back in, just to see how things were holding up deep into the prime time of game play.

That did not go so well.  I did not get error 37, the error that actually trended on Twitter, but another error.  Error 75.

A new error for a new day

I thought to myself how silly it was to log out when things were going smoothly.  But then I heard from a couple of other people that they had been kicked from the game with the same error.  And then Blizzard started announcing that there was a problem on Twitter as well as on the game login screen.

So the peak of prime time, when both coasts in the Americas were heavily invested in the game, seemed to push the system over again.  I went to the forums, to see if just once there might be some more information there, but things seemed to be going badly for the forums as well.

No forums, go check Twitter please

This was the outage that took down World of Warcraft as well as all StarCraft II online play.  The influence of Diablo is vast!

Well, we we are still less than 24 hours from the go-live point, and I have had as much trouble or more playing stand-alone games on launch day in the past.  But these are issues on Blizzard’s side of the fence, and I hope they get them straightened out muy pronto.

I give it until the weekend before somebody starts seriously talking class action lawsuit.

12 thoughts on “Clearly Diablo III is not Out of the Woods Yet…

  1. Glynixx

    The game has been down more than it has been up. If you are looking for the next great Action RPG, look at Grim Dawn – kickstarter only lasts for 2 more days and proud to be a part of it!


  2. Diablo Depraved

    Funny you mention class action lawsuit because I thought the same thing. I’m not litigious and i realize that this is just a game but 4.5 million preorders spent $40 to play the game not stare at login screens with error messages! At what point do gamers say if I can’t play what did I pay $40 for?


  3. mbp

    Setting aside the nerd age about needing internet to play a single player game I am genuinely surprised at how rocky this launch is. If any company in the World knows how to run game servers it has to be Blizzard and it is not like they didn’t have ample warning of the demand for this game. How did they screw up so badly?


  4. Squidling

    But you see, this is exactly the point of the nerd rage. Huge levels of complexity and failure are brought into the picture by having your single-player game depend on servers in some data center somewhere. Nerds know this.

    Blizzard, having run WoW for years, is better placed than most companies to get it right, and they STILL FAILED.

    By the way, thanks for posting The Mittani’s twitter comment in the previous post. Serious LOLlage.


  5. grombeck

    I really didn’t have any problems. I went to work and had the box waiting on my doorstep when I got home. I tried to install, while playing a game of LoL, but the installer hung-up on the “Updating installer system.” I opened the installed again, this time as admin, and it worked no problem. I logged in right away and played from about 7-9:30 Eastern Time. Would have played longer but got to a good stopping point and knew I had an early morning for work.


  6. scotth

    I set it up to download before I went to bed this morning. This morning I had to update my video drivers, and assign a ‘battletag’. The game worked okay for the couple of minutes I putted around before leaving for work.

    It was working fine for my wife last night too, she was ahead of me in terms of downloading the client.

    I don’t really care for the way Blizzard seems to be pushing the social aspects of what, for me at least, is going to be a single player game. I am sure I will have fun with the game, but I kind of feel like I am jumping through hoops for features I don’t want.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @grombeck – Things seemed to go well until a little after 9pm Pacific. Then there was about 90 minutes of trouble before things appeared to be up and running again. But I was already on the way to bed at that point.

    @Glynixx – Just curious. Are you actually playing Diablo III, or are you just roaming around trying to drum up support for Grim Dawn?

    Kickstarter funded games look to be the next frontier of fail. Project management… and specifically managing the unexpected… is always a challenge for software projects. Giving a team all the money up front seems like a bad idea to me. You may not like publishers like EA and Activision, but they set up their whole goals and milestones system for a reason.

    In any case, Torchlight II and Path of Exile stand between me and any need for another Diablo knock-off.


  8. Mourn Hyeland

    I made the mistake of taking the day off work yesterday. I stood in line for the game at Midnight and installed when I got home. I couldn’t stay awake unit 03:00(EST) when the servers went live. So I manage about 1.5 Hours of play between server outages yesterday. Way to go blizzard.

    I will seriously reconsider buying any game (obviously non MMO) that requires a net connection to play in single player mode.


  9. Diablo Depraved

    Guess what folks, D3 servers are down for the second straight night. The epic fail continues!


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @DD – Yeah, I was in and playing and they said the servers were coming down for a short patch and restart. And now they’re saying they have run into trouble bringing them back up. It is Wednesday… come Friday the pitchforks and torches will be coming out, you just watch.


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