At Last, I Can Read the Diablo III Patch Notes!

Normal mode complete

Because, of course, the damn patch notes contain spoilers.  So I have held off until I got through the game at least once.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not yet completed Diablo III on Normal, some hotfixes described in this list may include spoilers.

Such is life.  But I have run through the game once, with a barbarian, in normal mode.

Work sent us home early today due to the three day weekend, so I got home and started in on Act VI which, once I reconfigured my barb from an AOE focus to single target damage, went by pretty quickly and there I was facing the big guy.

Ah Diablo, we meet again!

Another thing that Diablo III has in common with Diablo II; the last act seems much shorter than the three before it.

I probably enjoyed Act III the most.  The start on the ramparts of the fortress was amazing.

Anyway, now I have Nightmare mode to look forward to.

Or maybe I could play an MMO.  I haven’t really done much of that since May 15th.


5 thoughts on “At Last, I Can Read the Diablo III Patch Notes!

  1. Mbp

    Question: How many times do you expect the average gamer to play through Diablo3? It is essentially a single player game with coop yet the infrastructure around the game suggests that Blizzard expect folk to keep playing for long time. Is there stuff to do after you have completed the game on a couple of difficulty settings? I have never played the previous Diablo games so I don’t have a good feel for this.


  2. wizardling

    Oh, and I’m still playing D2 ten years later. It’s the items to improve toons and make new toons with your better loot pile, as well as the large number of builds (made even larger by runewords allowing cross-class skills, and different merc choices). Were it all about D2’s story I’d have been done 9 years, 11 months ago.


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