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Sleepy Sunday Boat Fleet

Good afternoon – I am super duper tired and haven’t slept in 28 hours BUT irc wants to die. So get into a scimitar, get into a drake, get into something fun and join us as we stomp over baddies! Op1 on mumble. Fleet is up in the advert under jarna civire. DO NOT BE A BUTT, IM TIRED SO KEEP THE BULLSHIT TO A MINIMUM THANKS :3:

The original goon broadcast was by dabigredboat to all-all

How could you not want to go on that fleet?  Dabigredboat tired and grumpy, a sure sign of fun!

Well, the timing was right, so I went.

Razor Alliance had a couple of towers that were mis-timed coming out of reinforcement during prime time for just about everybody.  Intrepid Crossing (IRC) had put out its own call to its own corps as well as allied to take down these towers when the timers ended.  IRC wanted to hit back for the loss of its CSAAs. A big fight looked imminent.

Fortunately it was prime time all around, so we were able to assemble our own forces.  The CFC put together a full Drake fleet in VFK, 256 ships with some stragglers following along hoping for somebody to drop out or get killed so they could join up.  In addition, Fatal Ascension (FA) was able to put together a 100+ strong Drake fleet of their own which was set to join us, and Razor had their own forces in place to help defend the two towers.

Things were a bit ad hoc for the fleet.  We were able to take a jump bridge down to Venal, but then had to fly the old fashioned way to the target, one jump gate at a time.  No titan support for us.  And shoving nearly 400 ships through the pipe meant essentially that we brought our own time dilation with us.

Moving at nearly half speed

We ended up stopping for a bit to let the other fleet jump to another node so we wouldn’t be slowing each other down all the way.

During that time, DBRB talked about playing Diablo III with two friends in hardcore mode, ordered some Chinese food to be delivered (of which I am a jealous, as it seems like the only food you can get delivered in Silicon Valley is pizza unless you are catering a big event), and then somebody linked to a web version of the game Lemmings in fleet chat.  It quickly became clear that DBRB was playing.  So was I.  Things were slow.

Lemmings in the EVE in-game browser

If you want to play as well, you can find it here.

We closed in on the destination system, then stopped and flew around a bit.

Claymores with Drake Fleet

DBRB reported that he was too tired to really enjoy his Chinese food to its fullest.  Porn was linked and discussed in fleet chat.  DBRB explained how IRC screws its membership.  People with trivial complaint in voice chat were jumped on mercilessly.

And then DBRB turned us around and started us back towards home territory.

He explained that a big fight was expected because IRC put out a level 5 alert, which he said meant that if you were in the alliance and online but not participating, you would be kicked from the alliance.  With that level of alert up, IRC could apparently only assemble a fleet of less than 100 ships and clearly were not going to come anywhere near us with 400 ships waiting to take them on.

The intel that he could share indicated that IRC put out a call to its allies in this ongoing tower fight, but that Black Legion was on an operation down in Geminate and Northern Coalition was simply sick of IRC’s bullshit and found something better to do.

And so we headed home.  Razor successfully repaired their towers.  A gang of about 30 ships was reported trailing us looking for stragglers to kill, while another was reported ahead of us.  The gang in our path got out of our way.  That will happen when 200 ships are traveling together.

And so it was traffic control delays and TiDi blips all the way home.

DBRB was too tired to make it back to VFK, where another hostile gang had arrived to camp, and was looking for somebody to take over that operation while he logged off.  I was home and logging off myself by that point.

Nothing for the kill boards for me on the first weekend of the month.