Friday Bullet Points

Small items that I feel compelled to bring up, yet couldn’t really build a post around, so I will just steal somebody elses format.

  • You’re not really rage quitting until you have compared your situation to the Holocaust. Quartzlight Evenstar Icefluxor cries out about the extremists who blew up… wait, it wasn’t blown up… who put his station tower into reinforce. (Hint: It’s the evil Goons again.)
  • Free to play might be a nice idea, but when you make your $15 a month subscription available for $1.25, you may have made a wrong turn somewhere.  SOE suddenly yanks the ability to pay for your subscription with Station Cash.  Sounds like somebody did the math.
  • Is the Diablo III auction house going to kill off the game early?  The reward patterns are apparently reversed when compared to its long lived predecessor, Diablo II.  Somebody tell Dabigredboat he can stop now. (Ah, I see Blizzard picked up the assist in sending that message.)
  • What do those points mean?  Jester details how the EVE Online kill boards calculate the points you are awarded for your kills.  Except the Battle Clinic kill board, which does something else.  They make EVEMon, so I guess we can forgive them.
  • Oh, and the EVE devs have another great economic post up examining the price of minerals since the Inferno update and Hulkageddon.  I love that sort of thing.
  • Nexon plunks down $687 million for 15% of NCsoft.  I am not sure what that will mean in the long run.  Maybe I’ll get to play a US version of Kart Rider on my PC some day?

4 thoughts on “Friday Bullet Points

  1. carson63000

    lol @ that Quartzlight Evenstar Icefluxor.

    “Going by the population graphs, you holes are indeed extremely successful. You should be pretty much all to yourselves soon.” – moron on the forums, June 8th, 2012


    “We are on the cusp of breaking our all-time subscriber record right now” – EVE creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson., June 7th, 2012


  2. HarbingerZero

    For an MMO that is a year away, you’d better be in Beta.

    That’s the Derek Smart we know and love. I’m trying to remember the last MMO that was in Beta a year before it launched.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @HZ – Even that comment you have to take in the context of certain individuals from 38 Studios claiming that Copernicus was “a lot closer” than a year out.


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