Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

Look Out Clone Wars Adventures, EA is Gunning for You!

First Star Wars: The Old Republic drove Star Wars Galaxies from the universe, leaving only an echo of the past lurking in the dark corners of the internet.

But now, not content with that victory, EA and BioWare appear to be maneuvering their metaphorical death star to target the rebel base that is Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures!

That’s no trap! It’s a moon!

That surely must be the reasoning behind dropping a very public message about SWTOR going free to play. These things do not happen by accident.

Yes, they may downplay it [edit: or maybe not], back peddle, twist their words after the fact, pressure sites to pull their stories, and wrap it up in some nonsensical statements.  But the message has been sent.

It is a clear shot over SOE’s bow!

How will the plucky little game with its frequent content updates contend with the might of this fully voiced and operational fourth pillar behemoth out of Redwood City?  Will they be able to stand up to Emperor Riccitiello and Darth Muzyka?

And how will the fourth pillar be applied to mini-games and a cash shop devoted to selling pets and clothing?  Surely this will make for the best cash shop ever!  Like a Nordstrom among the stars!

Will SOE prevail with a Valve/Target gambit?  Stay tuned!