Look Out Clone Wars Adventures, EA is Gunning for You!

First Star Wars: The Old Republic drove Star Wars Galaxies from the universe, leaving only an echo of the past lurking in the dark corners of the internet.

But now, not content with that victory, EA and BioWare appear to be maneuvering their metaphorical death star to target the rebel base that is Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures!

That’s no trap! It’s a moon!

That surely must be the reasoning behind dropping a very public message about SWTOR going free to play. These things do not happen by accident.

Yes, they may downplay it [edit: or maybe not], back peddle, twist their words after the fact, pressure sites to pull their stories, and wrap it up in some nonsensical statements.  But the message has been sent.

It is a clear shot over SOE’s bow!

How will the plucky little game with its frequent content updates contend with the might of this fully voiced and operational fourth pillar behemoth out of Redwood City?  Will they be able to stand up to Emperor Riccitiello and Darth Muzyka?

And how will the fourth pillar be applied to mini-games and a cash shop devoted to selling pets and clothing?  Surely this will make for the best cash shop ever!  Like a Nordstrom among the stars!

Will SOE prevail with a Valve/Target gambit?  Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Look Out Clone Wars Adventures, EA is Gunning for You!

  1. HarbingerZero

    Well…the have the same space combat minigame. And Clone Wars has better looking gear sets. So they might not be the pushover you think they are. Plus, the 7/11 colored R2D2…


  2. bhagpuss

    I enjoyed Clone Wars a lot more than I expected to when I finally gave it a try. If it goes F2P we will see if the same can be said about SWTOR.


  3. SWTORandCWA_Member

    CWA is small potatoes. It’s fun and iit’s cheap but flawed and shallow. Many CWA users have already moved on to the more complex and mature SW online game. Bioware doesn’t care about CWA. Bioware wants customers with money. CWA users don’t generate the kind on money to help SWTOR. The majority of CWA users are too young or can not afford to be a SWTOR paid subscriber. There are not as many CWA users as you think. SOE’s numbers are inflated because they only announce the number of characters ever created ,not the number of people who regularly visit or the number of paid members.. Yesterday I saw one CWA users state he had created over 150 characters, almost all were non paid accounts.
    This move by Bioware has nothing to do with CWA. This is a typical move any MMO creator would make to entice users.
    I think some SW fans are still bitter that SWG got shut down and they hold a grudge against SWTOR.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author


    Wow, “satire” is just a word in the dictionary to you, isn’t it?

    I mean, I use the “humor” tag as a warning sign about this sort of thing, but some people will just see what they want to see.

    The real, and serious, point here is that SWTOR going free to play will mean a cash shop and the change in focus that goes with it. It will mean out with the vaunted “fourth pillar” and in with hats and mounts and other staples of MMO cash shop genre. It will make SWTOR more like CWA than you probably care to admit, even if the two will never really compete for the same audience.


  5. Lance Chastain

    CWA needs to stay if CWA goes im gonna be soo mad plus then there will be no clone wars so not clone trooper gear no clones to play at all and none of the things in CWA will be on SWTOR it will all be the old republic era and so what if SWTOR is for more mature people alot of people played CWA and if SOE just drops a ball on all thoose players like that? you like SWG ohh yeaaaaa hey um well we shut it down yeaa its gone,no more,gone.plus CWA has been here longer than SWTOR it was just created like a year ago?ohh and CWA was created like what,two or three?so tell me is taking away another website for players who are 10 or younger that love star wars the clone wars and ruining their star wars the clone wars experiance and either thrusting them into a whole nother era with content thats for mature people and turing them into a messed up groggy pervert really worth it to get more publicity and players?


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