Not Distracting At All…

Two of our cats, Trixie and Fred, decided that climbing up on top of the bookshelves in my office would be a good idea.  And then they sat up there and loomed over me as I sat at the computer.

Don’t mind us…

They were, essentially, six feet in the air and about three feet behind me.  Since Trixie likes to jump on things and is fond of perching on my shoulder, I kept an eye on them.

I wonder if it was the fact that I was fishing in Rift that fascinated them.

This didn’t last long.  They got bored and went off to nap on our bed.  We call them the “day shift” in our bedroom.

5 thoughts on “Not Distracting At All…

  1. Aerynne

    As a kitten, my male Maine Coon used to sleep on my shoulder while I raided in EQ2. Twenty pounds later, he still tries to drape himself across my shoulder and chest while I game. One reason among many I gave up raiding.


  2. Helistar

    I have one who loves this kind of things as well. And he’s not new to deciding that the fastest way to get down is just jump, either direcly on the floor (which probably wakes up anyone sleeping on the floor below, he’s a 6+kg cat) or on the computer table, just in front of the monitor (not good while you’re raiding).


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Somehow I knew that, of all the books visible in the picture, which is just the top shelf of one of my bookshelves, somebody would mention that book. I picked it up at the used bookstore near my old office because it had a section on It turned out to be a lot of very obvious (to me) things and rapidly became a lot of very wrong (thanks to updates) things.

    That section of paper on the right end of the shelf, ending with the Vetrbatim 8″ floppy disk from the mid-80s, is just about every map insert that National Geographic has included since 1978. The magazines go in the recycle bin, but I keep the maps.


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