Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Just Forget You Ever Saw These Pictures…

Screens you saw from a couple years ago are completely obsolete now and are not pertinent to the current game at all.

-Dave “Smokejumper” Greorgeson on EverQuest Next

These pictures we got to see about two years ago… now just trivia.

Freeport Next? I guess not!

Kelethin Next? Think again!

Okay, they were just concept art in any case.  But don’t expect anything to replace those mock ups. You likely won’t be hearing or seeing anything about EverQuest Next from SOE this year.

I guess they are trying to avoid falling into the same hype and silence cycle they went through with The Agency… though an announcement followed by a long silence cycle can’t be the optimum path either.

He also said that there was no reason that EQ or EQII should not continue on forever… unless EQ Next is just so freakin’ awesome that you would be wasting your time playing those old pigs.

Not a direct quote.