Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

Eligium and Endangered Pandas

Back from vacation.  I took a bit of time to not only go through the pile of new mail in my inbox but to clear out some items that I had left sitting in there for possible future comment.  Amongst all of that, I found a note from a few weeks back that I saved because it made me laugh.

In the midst of some bogus Mists of Pandaria invites, which I held on to just to measure how often I was getting them (about one every other day when averaged out over a couple of months, though up to 4 in a day at one point) I got an invite to what seemed to be another panda beta.

Eligium War Panda!

Eligium: The Chosen One!  With a great big war panda as the logo!

My first thought was, “Well, who is trying to ride on Blizzard’s coat tails?”  Featuring this picture so long after Mists of Pandaria was announced, and after we all analyzed the panda thing to death, could only be a “me too” ploy, right?

So I went to check.

And failed to find anything.

Well, anything new.

There was a bunch of older stuff over at Massively, including Frogster announcing panda monks just a few days after Blizzard’s big BlizzCon announcement.  So maybe it wasn’t a “me too” ploy after all.

But the actual Eligium web site appears to be gone.  Going to the URLs listed on the beta invite, they either go to an error 404 page, or route to a page inviting you to explore other Frogster games.

There was, however, one small link in some tiny print in the middle of that last page that directed one to the forum and an announcement that was posted just today.

ELIGIUM enjoyed an excellent start to the Open Beta in February 2012. Despite our prolonged efforts to support the community, listen and respond to feedback and criticisms, and ultimately do our utmost to offer players the virtual universe of their dreams, we have come to the conclusion that ELIGIUM does not fully meet the high expectations of Frogster as a publisher. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the operation of the game with a heavy heart.

The beta will continue to run until July 17, 2012, and then the whole thing will be shut down.

And so panda monks seem to be the province of Blizzard and their next expansion.

Are there any other MMOs out there featuring panda monks?