Getting to the War in Delve – First Attempt

As I noted in my June in Review post, things had been quiet in the part of null sec where I generally live.  I wrote that we needed a war and that the Goons tended to go to war in the summer, so maybe we would get something to do soon.

And my wish was granted even before that post went up.

In the most recent State of the Goonion, which was held hours before my speculation was even posted (automatically, because I was away), it was announced that the CFC was going to war in Delve.

(Another link to DOTLAN EVE Maps, about which there is a nice community post up from CCP, if you want to know more about it.  Oh, and there is also a video announcing the war in Delve.)

So I came back from vacation to find war was declared, a lot of people already redeployed to Delve, and battles already under way.

This will be the fifth war in Delve for the Goons, who I gather have now taken to seeing the region as a place to take their summer vacation.  They know it well.

I, on the other hand, have never been and had to get their.  Regular convoys of ships seemed to have ceased.  I was left with some directions and a note on the fridge saying, “make sure you turn off all the lights, see you in Delve!”

Delve is kind of far away, in EVE terms, from my usual home up in Deklein. (Map from the usual source.)

Getting to All The Fun

Just putting in our staging system in as the destination put the route as 61 jumps from VFK-IV.  Jump bridges had been set up along the way to cut that number down by a fair margin, but it is still a ways to go.  And, of course, the route was all through null sec, so danger lurks at every gate.

Still, fun beckoned, fleet ops were being announced regularly, and I wanted to go.  So I decided to risk it and run the pipe down to Delve on my own.  So I grabbed one of my fleet fit Drakes and a copy of the route and headed out.

And I made it about a third of the way there.

As seems to be usual for null sec, a few systems had people in them, but most along the way were empty or had one or two other players.  And things went smoothly until I hit 6-4V20.

There were five hostiles in the system when I landed at the jump gate.  I had the intel channel up, but the system had not been mentioned by anybody up to that point.  Nobody was in sight, but they might have been cloaked, as I was, around the gate.

At that point I had three choices, go forward, go back, or go hide.  Going forward meant warping to the jump bridge in the system and heading to the next destination.  Going back meant turning on the microwarp drive and trying to cover the 15km to the gate before I got webbed, jumping out, and then working on where to go next quickly if they followed me.  And hiding meant warping to some other point in the system, a belt, a planet, or a moon.

I probably should have tried hiding.  There was an off chance I might have been able to work my way around, staying ahead of the hostiles, and then hit the jump bridge.

But I happened to come through the jump gate aligned almost right for the warp to the jump bridge, so I had a chance of at least warping off successfully.  With a Drake, aligning to warp can take time, enough time that you can get warp scrambled and held before you can get away.  So I went for the jump bridge.

I uncloaked, aligned very quickly, and warped off.  As I did so, the hostiles all broke cloak as well.  They did not get me at the gate.  But they did not need to.  They knew where I was headed.

Just short of the POS and jump bridge was a drag bubble they left on the path.  I hit that, dropped out of warp and was hanging there in space, trying to align for another point in the system when they showed up.  I was webbed and scrambled pretty quickly.  I had hardeners on and locked up and fired away at the ship that was keeping me from warping, but it was a futile effort and I knew it.

It actually took longer than I thought it would for them to take down my ship, but it blew up all the same.  Here is the kill mail.

My Drake goes “Boom”

In that picture you can see the drag bubble, the closer sphere, and the POS shield in the background.

And I was quickly podded after that, which at least saved me the trip back.  At least I was in a no-implant clone.  Though to add insult to injury, I realized that I had grabbed one of the Drakes I had not bothered to insure, so my payout was the minimum, 17 million ISK.  And there is no alliance reimbursement for fools like me who get caught trying to travel alone.  Not that the ISK is a big deal… though I am glad I wasn’t flying a fleet fit Tengu, which costs about 8x… but it does make one feel stupid.

And I wasn’t the only one to get picked off there on the way to Delve.

So I ended up back in Deklein in a new clone.  I will have to wait until more people are traveling to Delve to make another attempt to get to the war.

12 thoughts on “Getting to the War in Delve – First Attempt

  1. jaggins

    The nice thing about CFC is their organized logistics in wartime. My strategy on the last Delve adventure was to fly over in a Cov-ops and buy a few ships on the front lines. There are usually fleet fit ships ready to go on contracts. Towards the end of a deployment you can usually welp your ships on a Boat fleet to get reimbursed so you don’t have I ship anything back. (Or just leave them there for the next inevitable Delve deployment…)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jaggins – I was thinking about grabbing a stealth bomber for the trip, although now that you mention it, I have a fully equipped Buzzard sitting in Deklein. I could just try the run in that.

    If I was feeling daring, I suppose I could load up a packaged Drake in my Crane and make the run. But as you say, there will be ships for sale in Delve, I just have to get there.

    I still have a fleet Drake and a welpcane in Tenal that I never flew back after the war there. It is scary to see how many systems I have left stuff in over the last five years.


  3. pkudude99

    *blinks* You flew straight lines in null and especially in a system with hostiles in local? Bad Wilhelm! Always warp to a planet or something so that you’re approaching from the side.

    Of course if they’re waiting for you on the gate and you can’t insta-align, then you’re probably gonna die anyway, but at least then you can try to burn back and jump through.

    Live and learn. Or in this case, die and learn, right?


  4. evemonkey

    ooh…. death clone down perhaps? that’s what I did and in this case the result would have been the same. I’m leaving a jump clone and ships back in cloud ring so if we come under attack there, we can quickly respond. hope to see you there soon :-)


  5. Mbp

    Is there no way of buying a ship when you get there? Surely the fleet must have set up some kind of resupply chain. If so why not travel there in a hard to catch cloaky frigate and buy a drake on site?

    Also isn’t it usually a good idea in 0.0 never to warp directly from A to B but to bounce off some random planet first? I’m a noob but that simple trick works for me more often than not.


  6. Andrew

    “But I happened to come through the jump gate aligned almost right for the warp to the jump bridge …”

    A stationary ship has no alignment. Rather, the client picks an arbitrary orientation in which to draw your ship. From rest, you can align (reach 75% max velocity with 5 degrees of the correct vector) in any direction equally, regardless of what what way your ship appears to be pointing.


  7. Anders Johansson

    If you are going to buy ships down there, buy them from we’re you are, then change the station of your medical clone remotely and selfdestruct your pod (check clone first) .


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mbp – Yes, I will likely be able to buy ships down there. The trick is getting there so I can buy them, which means travel.

    @Anders – My corp/alliance doesn’t own a station down there, so when I brought up the clone management window, there were no stations in Delve where I could transfer my clone for a “tele-mort.” We are staging out of an NPC station, which makes things interesting.

    @Andrew – I did not know that. Thanks, I will keep that in mind.


  9. Walker

    Comments on evenews are not really helpful…
    As I said there I would prolly make the trip twice, first time in an inty or SB. Second time with a bigger ship (And prolly travel fit meaning T2 cloak and sometimes nano’s or WCS). Although I have the luxury of dualscreen and 2 accounts making me able to scout with a SB and following right after with the other ship.
    Got drakes/canes in Torrinos/Agil to move out but haven’t had more as a few hours of play time since my Corp joined FCON just in time for the war. And leaving on 3 weeks vacation monday. I am afraid I will miss the war.


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Walker – “Comments on evenews are not really helpful…”

    Hah! That should be the subtitle for the whole site. I try not to go read them.

    I will say that Riverini picks the stories he wants to post from my feed, so the long stream of “not news!” comments aren’t even relevant to me.


  11. Merr Darr

    I made the trip by first using a jump clone from K-8SQS to near highsec and then through highsec to the pipe with a Claw with only overdrives in low. I landed in a bubble once in the pipe but managed to burn off in time.
    Drake is indeed far too slow to survive such a trip alone, unless you are lucky or make the trip just after downtime when the systems are virtually empty.


  12. flosch

    I know I’m two weeks late, but I’m only slowly catching up again, and there has been some additional research on the topic of “when do I get into warp” just recently. It seems you need to be at 75% of your current maximum possible speed, and the component of that velocity pointing towards your target must be at least 99% of your current speed, which results in a maximum deviation of 8.1%.

    yes, details, details, but I found it cool somebody went and actually tested it out.

    And yes, if you’re sitting still, you’re basically a sphere with no orientation, concerning game mechanics.


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