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Delve 2012: Urban Spacemen

It is like a post-modern, internet spaceships version of the Bayeaux Tapestry, with a Little Big Planet vibe mixed in.

Direct link here.

Glad to see those intercepted coms are being put to good use.

We just need to get the opposition to speak a little more clearly.  Fix your mic!

In the mean time, I am still catching up earlier news.  There is a nice July 2nd summary of the war from Endie that includes a hilarious recreation of the horror of a capital convoy from Deklein to Delve.

When Titans Get Bi-Querious

By the time I logged on, the fleet of the night involved jumping around and knocking out cynosural system jammers in various systems so that the capital fleet could show up later, jump into those systems, and put stations into reinforce.

Not glorious work, but somebody has to do it and it was a Dabigredboat fleet, which meant something amusing would happen.

We had been out for the first run and had come back to F2OY-X, which is in the Querious region, which is what set up the very bad joke that I stole from somebody in coms and turned into the title of this post.  We were back on the titan at 2,000m and sitting around waiting for the cyno ship to get out to the target.  The same thing I’ve done a couple dozen times now, to the point that sitting on a titan seems normal and I never bump it.

Sitting on the titan like it was nothing

All of a sudden, another titan is there.  I wasn’t paying attention.  I was tabbed out and reading something when it showed up, but I heard the somebody on Mumble making a joke about titans assuming a numerical position, so brought EVE back up to see this.

Titans experiment

So, hah hah, two titans, one on top of the other, in what might be a compromising position if it were two naked adults.  And they are giant phallic symbols as well.  This stuff writes itself.

Then somebody on coms said they were going to bump and that it would be pretty cool.  And just as I am thinking that I ought to get Fraps up or something, I and every other ship hanging on the titan are suddenly flying across space as the titan in the station shrinks with the distance.

Time stamp less than 10 seconds later

I ended up well over 100km away after the bump.

MWD on for the return trip

And the other titan was flung more than 200km further down range from my landing spot.

Way down town

People like me turned on their MWDs and motored back to the station and our titan, while those wiser in the ways of space just jumped further away and then jumped back to the titan and shaved a couple of seconds off of the trip.  We all formed back up at 2,000m off of our titan while the other titan returned and put people a bit on edge with its close proximity again.

A third titan stayed completely clear of us

But there was no second bump.

Shortly after that we bridged out and shot up our assigned jammers.

This picture was probably not necessary

All of the jammers appeared to belong to the Viking Empire.  I had never heard of them before.  In coms it was explained we that we did not disliked them or anything, it was just that somebody in TEST wanted to build a summer vacation home in their space.  All of their space.  Or something like that.

Delve – Summer 2012 Poster

And while we flew around and shot them, I spent my time trying to take picture of the missile launcher graphics on the updated Drake design.

The best I managed

And that was the war in Delve for me for the night.  It was a boat fleet and I did learn something new; watch out when titans bump.