Delve 2012: Urban Spacemen

It is like a post-modern, internet spaceships version of the Bayeaux Tapestry, with a Little Big Planet vibe mixed in.

Direct link here.

Glad to see those intercepted coms are being put to good use.

We just need to get the opposition to speak a little more clearly.  Fix your mic!

In the mean time, I am still catching up earlier news.  There is a nice July 2nd summary of the war from Endie that includes a hilarious recreation of the horror of a capital convoy from Deklein to Delve.

4 thoughts on “Delve 2012: Urban Spacemen

  1. Norbert

    No they haven’t killed a lot. We just dock up when they blob and they get destructed in every other/smaller fight :)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stabs – No kills here. As Norbert notes, our opposition isn’t coming out to play in force any more. They just slip out and camp gates looking for situations where they outnumber us while complaining about us outnumbering them.

    That is the way of space. Nobody is EVER upset when they outnumber the other side.


  3. Mighty Viking Hamster

    Damn I want to play this so bad…. I have it on Steam and all. It just scares me to death.


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