I Came to 319 for the Conga Line, But I Stayed for the Kills

I am tired of watching ccp show the JITA undock – Lets get them to show a conga line. OPERATION SUPER CONGA LINE OF 319 UNDOCK IS STARTING – BRING A DRAKE AND BRING A BUBBLE. Op3 on mumble. Fleet forming now. Fleet up on jarna civire. Lets go pick on -A- and be on live tv with a bubble camp conga line.

The original goon broadcast was by dabigredboat to all-all

That is all we were promised, a conga line in 319-3D, the current staging system for our Southern Coalition opponents.  And since there wasn’t much else going on, a chance to goof off and trail our collective coats in an enemy stronghold seemed like a reasonable option.  There wasn’t even any real ship restrictions, despite the message on Jabber, it was bring what you want.  So DBRB piled about 120 of us in the back of the station wagon… erm… titan, and bridged us into 319.

Mostly Drakes, probably out of habit

The real motivation was to get us on the alliance tournament streaming feed between battles.  Kills were not promised.  And yet, as we jumped in, there was a carrier sitting just far enough away from the station undock to be a reasonable target.  We locked it up and tore it apart.  Already the day was a success.

Bubbled within reach of the station and… boom

Other ships were popping in and out of the area, and some people in the fleet managed to pick off targets of opportunity.  Meanwhile, drag bubbles were being deployed all around the station in 319.  Occasionally somebody would undock and stay out long enough that we could target them (you are safe for a short time after you undock), and they faced a spray of fire.

Missiles to the undock

We were also, somewhat unsuccessfully, attempt to form the promised conga line, though that did not seem to be working out very well.  The picture above bears that out.

And the moment it seemed to be starting to take shape, with ships starting to actually shake out into trail formation, word came that the SoCo pilots in the station were going to try to undock and take us on.  At that time we were pretty well outnumbered.  The conga line was forgotten and we anchored up.  Hostile ships started to undock in numbers and a fight was on.

Lasers, missiles, and a red glow…

The numbers were not in our favor, but the red glow in the screenshot above is the residual effect of people bridging in to the cyno that was put up, so our ship count went from around 120 to approximately 500 in pretty short order, a number which included some very heavy support.

Oh, titans, how lovely

That did not make the SoCo team very happy.  They got themselves together and docked up after a bit.  I only ended up on two kill reports, despite locking and shooting at quite a few ships.  Some of them just docked up when damaged, others popped before I could pile onto the kill.

Once the fight was over, we went back to our two previous preoccupations.  The first was to surround the station with drag bubbles.

Many bubbles

These actually were mildly effective in that now and again they caught somebody jumping to the station and gave those quick enough a kill.

And the second was trying to form the damn conga line.

Some of us in a line

The conga line did have some success, though it never really shook out to the spectacle that it might have.  People would get disconnected or warp off and the line would break or get kinked or otherwise look sloppy.

Still, CCP FoxFour showed up in a Polaris Legatus Frigate to check out what we were up to.  You can see one of the kinks in our conga line in the background of the picture below.

CCP FoxFour’s ship

I understand that we did appear on the tournament live stream for a bit, though when I brought up the stream on my system, the video card crashed.  The version of the nVidia drivers I have seem to be hostile to certain video technologies.  I have seen crashes before when I have tried to watch a stream as well as when I have tried to create movies or burn DVDs.  Time to check for an update.

Of course, I then had to reboot, which dropped me and, I am sure, further screwed up the conga line.

After that, I headed off to the safe station we have in 319 and logged off.  The family went off to see Brave, which was good, but not really up to the standards set by some past Pixar movies.  DBRB had declared that the camp of 319 station would go on.

And after we got home from the movie, I found some time to log in and he and his fleet were still there.  I was able to jump from the safe POS to the fleet and get into a quick fight which got me killed.  But at least I was in a legitimate fleet, so I can expect to get reimbursed for the loss.

I was able to pick up a new Drake and get a bridge back to 319 just in time to get in on a couple more kills, though I am not so sure I should be happy about this one, a fellow CFC member.  At least the kill mail shows that I inflicted no damage, but being listed at all has to be some sort of faux pas.  I have no idea how I managed that.

After things settled down to another camp routine, I caught a convoy home, had dinner, watched a movie with my daughter, and sorted through my screen shots to pick out pictures for this post.  After all that, I logged on to find DBRB still at it in 319.

It appears that he handed over the camp to another fleet who managed to get driven off and lost all 80 or so of the drag bubbles that had been planted earlier in the day.  So he was back to re-assert the camp on the 319 station.  I followed along for that, which let me put one more kill up on my count.  At least I am on the board for July now.

Then it went back to sitting on the station waiting for something to happen.  DBRB and some others were playing League of Legends while running the camp.  I looked at the clock and realized I started off in the first fleet more than 12 hours earlier.  I had put in more than enough time into EVE Online for the day.  I caught a lucky bridge back to our staging system and logged off.

The question for me, at the end of the day, is how much longer will 319 be the focal point for the SoCo after the fold at C3N-3S?  I heard a rumor that we had started operations in Catch, which is getting into the home of Against All Authorities.  Will we be fighting there next weekend?

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