Watching the Alliance Tournament in 319-3D

They don’t seem to understand that if they want to blueball us, they can’t then come out and fight us.

-Dabigredboat, paraphrased from fleet chat

It was one of those hurry up fleets.  A announcement came up on Jabber, get on coms, get in the fleet, get in the system, get on the gate, there is a fight going on NOW gogogogogo!

And so, like the Scotsman who saw the sign that said, “Drink Canada Dry,” I went.

The hope is, as always, that you will be able to get in, get a fight and maybe a few kills, then call it a day with a feeling of accomplishment.  You can run off and do other things because you’ve held up your end in for the coalition today.

I got online, got into the fleet, jumped, got on the right gate just as people were jumping through, and joined in the jolly chase getting on at least one kill report along the way.

We ended up, as if by magic, on the station at 319-3D, where we spent so much time the day before.  And we stopped there and set up another camp.  It was, as Admiral Ackbar might have put it, a trap.

And so we sat on the station and watched the Alliance Tournament.  I updated my nVidia drivers last night, so was able to stream without crashing my video card.

DBRB explained that we were sitting on them in 319 because we had a super capital fleet out knocking over towers, putting things into reinforce, and whatever else it is titans and super carriers to when they are not blapping sub caps.  So we were going to be there for a while and without any real support.

Which, looking at local, seemed to favor the opposition.  There were over 700 people in local, and while we had a full fleet of 256, there were the usual number of stragglers and AFK that got left behind.  So we were about 200 sitting on the doorstep of a potential 500 bad guys.

Those odds seemed to be favorable enough that after about an hour, Boat woke the fleet up because intel (spies in their coms) indicated they were going to come out and get us in battleships.  Boat had us dock up and change our shield hardeners, which was actually pretty easy, as the station in 319 is an NPC station and the hardeners we needed were all for sale there.  We docked up, refit, and surged back out to get ready.

Getting back on grid for a fight

Docking and undocking taxes the systems running EVE and triggers time dilation.  That is actual an early warning system for a station camp, as TiDi will spike when the enemy is trying to undock en masse.  And us docking up and undocking slowed everything down.  But we got back out and got ready.  And then nothing happened.

Word was passed they were reshipping to Oracles and then to Drakes.  And then Boat told us they decided not to come out, had disbanded their fleet, and nothing was going to happen.  That did not get rave reviews in local.

I am not sure of the history behind “fofofofo”

Some more propaganda got linked as well.  I always enjoy that.

War in the South

I always favor anything with the former Iraqi minister of information.

So we went back to scraping the station, trying to target the occasional undock, and watching the alliance tournament.  There was one carrier, an Archon, that kept undocking to let us shoot at it a bit before it docked back up.

Shooting the Archon

The theory in fleet was that he was trying to make us waste ammo.  He tripped up at least once and we got him into armor.  Shield recharge automatically when you dock up, but armor costs money to repair at an NPC station.  A lot of money.  Certainly more than the cost of the missiles expended.

In the alliance tournament we watched Goonswarm win their match 50-0 (fight video here), while Against All Authorities got stomped, scoring only 2 points to the 50 their opponent managed.  And the two points came from one of the opposing ships disconnecting before the match began (fight video here).  There was much comment on that in local, while the Goons themselves seem as amazed as anybody at their undefeated standing in the tournament.  As Endie put it in a broadcast:

Just as stout Cortez stood silent upon a peak in Darien and looked out over the unknown Pacific sea, so equally stout – if not stouter – Vily has led our AT X team to the brink of the unknown: an Alliance Tournament performance to be smug about.  Let’s just hope that the finals don’t involve random drug-testing of competitors.  Now every little goon can go to bed at night with a mind afire with dreams of introducing themselves to girls in bars as a member of “Goonswarm Federation, the number one elite PvP alliance in Eve Online, you may have heard of us.

And so we sat and camped the station while watching the tournament.

Just as we were about done, having received word that the super caps had finished their own mission and that Boat was officially bored with the whole camp, we got word that the reds in the station were going to move on us at last.  We slowed things down a bit by changing back to our original shield hardener configuration and got ready.  At last they enemy surged out and battle was joined.

Missiles fly at last in 319

The bad guys got a surprise.  Since the super capital fleet was done with their work, they showed up to help us with ours.

Supers on the field… again

If they had come at us any time in the previous two hours, it would have just been us, mildly out numbered.  But they waited too long.  We got some kills, to a couple of losses, and they docked back up, no doubt complaining about being blobbed yet again.  Timing is everything.

And that was the end of action in 319 for the time being.  The supers jumped out, we got a bridge home from the safe POS.

Supers jump out under Drake cover

And all was right with the world as far as I was concerned, having added a few more kills to my total for the month.  And the alliance tournament was actually more interesting that I thought it would be.

5 thoughts on “Watching the Alliance Tournament in 319-3D

  1. Knug

    That image of the mess of titans is proof positive of what is entirely wrong with this game at the moment.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Knug – Well, it certainly continues to prove the theory that any ship in EVE will become common if the only gating factors are time (skill training) and ISK. If I wanted to grind ISK and devote my training queue to it, I could have a titan as well. Which is kind of scary.

    I do still chuckle at the people who assailed The Mittani back during CSM6 when he was talking about nerfing titans, claiming Goons didn’t have titans. Well, they certainly seem to have access to titans now.


  3. gwjanimej

    Excepting Michael Bolton, commentary I’ve seen has been quite solid. Can’t peg it as his voice or what he’s saying, but compared to Lazarus and Raivi(hands down my favorite two) he’s just.. not good. Apart from that it has been really good.


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