Notes from the War in Delve

Some updates about the situation in Delve, mostly here to time stamp them so I do not forget them later.

Null Sec Power Blocks

The above picture was stolen from the opening post of the Kugu thread about the war in Delve, primarily because I thought it laid out the balance of power nicely.  Or at least how the balance stood a while back.  Also, it gives some scope to the size of null sec and empire space.

The opening post to that thread includes some background on the conflict to go along with the Elise Randolph post on the subject.

Meanwhile, what has been happening.

Nulli Secunda Pulls Out

Nulli Secunda, one of the original participants in the war in Delve (read the war origins posts linked above) and an important source of pilots to SoCo, announced to their membership yesterday that they were pulling out.

As some of you may have heard from faggot -A- corps or rumors from others, as of now, we are officially pulling out of 319. Starting immediately, any assets that you have in 319 or in PB for some reason if your still have stuff there, need to be moved to nearby low sec in Khanid or Aridia. Your corps will most likely have a location picked out where you can move stuff out too, it doesn’t particularly matter which low sec in Khanid or Aridia you pull out too, because we will be moving to a new location on Sunday anyway.

Right now the main focus is on making sure we get everything out of delve and period basis, and that means everything. All supers should already be out to low-sec as per orders from last week, but in case any are left, consult the super channel and make sure they get out safely. All capital ships need to be moved out, any assets that remain in Period Basis, etc. etc. Please be ready to work with other people in the alliance to help with cyno chains, making sure the station is clear of shit that pop’s cyno’s, and maybe even clearing bubbles. You have a good 4 days to get everything out of 319, and most of the stuff is pvp assets, so if the station is camped at one point, just be patient and wait for an opening.

Gaff, who had eyes on the 319 system last night, reported a regular stream of jump freighters moving in and out of the system, covered by carriers.  -A- has responded by increasing their effort to get Nulli Secundi members and corps to join them instead.

Meanwhile, I suspect Nulli Secunda’s Alliance Tournament ad might get pulled from YouTube.

They won’t be seeing anybody in 319 station soon.

Makalu is Putting You on His List

Gentleman’s Agreement, part of the CFC, managed to take down -A- FC Makalu in a 4.5 billion ISK Vidicator and then again in a 2 billion ISK Archon, earning them a serious, and much quoted, warning in local chat:

[22:00:32] Makalu Zarya > you killed my ship
[22:00:33] Makalu Zarya > congrats
[22:00:36] Makalu Zarya > now i kill your alliance
[22:00:45] Makalu Zarya > u can ask DRF for reference

Does this mean we’ll be fighting in Branch soon?  That is where the Gents make their home.

And this all happened in in TG-Z23, deep in the Stain region.  I am not sure if that portends anything for the war, but it cannot have made Makalu, who has been oft quoted from voice coms, very happy.

Walltreipers – Send More Goons!

The heroes of Delve at the moment have to be the Walltreipers Alliance.  They are currently hanging on to the one remaining system in Delve, T-IPZB.

According to a post provided by them over at EVE News 24, they have been holding firm since the start of the fight, against great odds.

They blockaded our system and attacked our outpost, reinforcing it. We were shocked. How could we confront the numbers of the enemy? We had many engages, some of them in our very home, others in the enemy’s. We lost ships, we lost clones… but we kept fighting. All the scars, all the pain were in our souls, not our bodies. And that made us stronger and stronger.

They have refused any quarter from the CFC-HBC forces and continue to defend their system.

In this stubborn, Wake Island-like defense, their primary concern appears to be that they won’t have enough ammunition to kill us all.  Meanwhile, they have been putting up some decent propaganda.

Cornered in Gaul, but holding firm

This has lead to more than a few expressions of respect and admiration for the 400 pilot alliance.  Ideas have been floated to allow them to keep their system, to give them the whole constellation, or just to bring them more ammunition so that they can continue their glorious defense unimpeded.

Oddly, these sentiments seem to be coming from their enemies or neutrals.  I am not sure where their friends and allies are.

And, finally, the big question in my mind, what does “Walltreipers” actually mean?

Addendum: Their defense in Delve came to an end.

14 thoughts on “Notes from the War in Delve

  1. Gaff

    This is from a the Kugu Devolution thread, so consider the source: “The word ‘walltreiper’ i guess derivates from ‘waltrapa’ (plural: ‘waltrapas’). It’s a colloquial anglicism in Spain for ‘teaser’ (guy who jokes a lot), ‘cocky’ or also ‘rabble’. “


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    There was a huge spike in ship kills in T-IPZB this morning. It looks like things might come to a head for Walltreipers sooner rather than later and we might see a message like, “Enemy on station, issue in doubt.”


  3. Chris

    The first line of the initial quote makes for a good reason for non-players never to even try. When a quotable includes the word faggot and no one bats an eyelash — or hell, even if that’s the actual name of a corp and no one cares — that very passiveness makes the whole playerbase look bad. I enjoy your posts, Wilhelm, but I had to stop reading there.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Chris – So I should have… what? Edited somebody elses words? Skipped the quote altogether? Pointed out that an offensive word is offensive?

    I actually considered the quote before I posted it and decided to let it stand because it is what the leadership of Nulli Secundi sent to their membership. It is a quote for truth that exhibits both state of mind and character. You may draw from it whatever opinion of said leadership you feel appropriate. (Likewise the video.)

    But if you are going to condemn me for not expressing outrage, I don’t know what to tell you. It isn’t going to happen as it just isn’t my style. I am more of a “lead by example” person. I would hope that the quote would stand in contrast to my own writing.

    Anyway, if you stopped there, you missed the Walltreipers section, which is the best part of the post in my opinion.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shadow – Exactly. And it isn’t even the game company being sexist. That is pure user created sexist content.

    You could argue that the video is much worse, being a premeditated production, while the word “faggot” could be written off as anger over a feeling of betrayal and a desire to lash out and hurt somebody.

    Plus the girl in the video totally doesn’t work for me. And what is with that room?


  6. Chris

    Wilhelm, don’t misunderstand, it’s not a condemnation of you in any way, and I apologize if that’s how it came off. I’m not saying anything like “TAGN stands behind those words!” but simply that they’re offensive and a good example of why EVE looks like Bully University to a lot of people. Your choice to quote them isn’t something I’m looking down upon; context is everything, after all. I just find that kind of communication (the original poster in the quote) distasteful.


  7. Bristal

    Have to agree with Chris. Including the word “faggot” in a quote when the news isn’t that an offensive word was used, is tacit approval of the use of the word.

    Yes, point out that the word is offensive to you.


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bristal – Have to disagree with you there.

    First, I do not think that was at all what Chris was saying after his clarification.

    Second, assuming that not dissecting and apologizing for things in a quote implies endorsement seems to me to be a naive point of view.

    I think, at a minimum, you would have to find something in my own online body of work, which is past the 2,500 post mark on this blog alone, to corroborate such an inferred endorsement. Do I make a habit of homophobic (or sexist) comments? I do not think I do.

    Otherwise you may as well assume that by writing about video games, I endorse all behavior that happens in them that I do not explicitly speak out against.


  9. Cyndre

    Yes, Eve is the only place on the internet where sexist, male chouvanistic, and/ or low-sensativity slang such as use of the words “gay or faggot” as an insult exists.

    Wilhelm, what I think these commenters are trying to tell you is that by playing Eve you have endorsed this bastion of bad behavior and must also be of a similar mindset.

    Might I suggest you try instead a more wholesome online enviornment such as Second Life, Pornhub, or Something Awful where the ideals of equality, morality and common decency are more prevelant than the cesspool that is Eve Online.


  10. Toldain

    Yes, some people in EVE say “faggot” a lot. Most often, they use the word in the sense that Louis CK describes in his routine.

    Interestingly enough, the word “faggot” appears to be following the trail blazed by “punk”, which once referred to a gay or effeminate man, and has the same origin – burning of witches and gay people.

    I don’t use the word, it doesn’t work for me. EVE is a very rough environment, and in some places it is very much a Bully University. However, unlike life, you can turn EVE off at any time and walk away from it.

    What drew me to it was not the opportunity to curse a lot and engage in misogyny and homophobia, and link porn in local. Rather it was the opportunity to live and thrive in such an environment, no, to live and thrive in spite of such an environment.

    I can’t say I was wholly successful, but I don’t regret trying.


  11. Toldain

    Wilhelm, the link labeled “Nulli Secunda Alliance Tournament Ad” appears to lead to the same recruitment video that you have embedded. Was something changed underneath you?


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Toldain – I usually put a direct link to an video I embed, as those who read via RSS can’t always get to the video from their reader. However, I usually explicitly note that it is a link to the video I just embedded. The process fell apart there I guess. (Or, more likely, I decided to embed the video after I wrote the post.)


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