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What to do in EVE Online – A Summary

I was on the Something Awful MMO forum looking at opening posts.  Each game has such a post (or, often, several posts) that are full of information about the game in question.  For example, I mentioned in a previous post that the EverQuest thread may contain the best summary of the game ever.  A lot of the game threads start off similarly jam packed with details.

But not the EVE Online thread.  It is less about the game and more about the reputation the Goons have in game and why you should come join in on the fun.  This is probably natural enough, as the EVE Goons have their own enormous wiki about EVE Online, the scale and depth of which is amazing.  One of the best benefits of being in my alliance is that we have full access to that wiki.

But in skimming through the EVE OP, I did find one nice item that helps explain EVE Online.

What to do in EVE Online – A Chart

That chart shows the high level options you have in EVE Online.  It even includes scamming.

Edit: As Sovos noted in the comments, there is a web version of this chart that links to the appropriate Evelopedia article or other reference page.

Edit May 11, 2016: Since Evelopedia is dead, the web version of the chart is no longer very useful.  But somebody has created a spiritual successor to the chart, which you can find here.

United 737-900ER in 1950s Continental Airlines Livery

This picture taken at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on July 1, while we were returning from our vacation.  Our plane was the 737 behind it, a couple of gates further down the concourse.

(Signs you’re in Texas: They have a Fox News store in the airport.)

Out on the tarmac

I took this picture for a long time employee of Continental Airlines, which recently finished its merger with United Airlines.  The combined company kept the United name but the Continental colors and logo.

This airplane (N75436 – Google that to find more pictures) was painted in the livery to celebrate Continental Airlines’ 75th in 2009.

I will have to stow away the Continental logo items I have with some Pan Am stuff I have in a drawer.  They might be worth something some day.