Walltreipers Alliance Defeated – Conquest of Delve Complete

The Walltreipers Alliance held on to T-IPZB, the sole remaining unconquered system in Delve, through a major attack the day after I mentioned their efforts.

The Wallpapers Admiration Society that sprouted up on the forums and comment threads when their heroic stand came to light did not have much influence in the end.  War is war.  They were cornered in their system waiting for the inevitable.

A follow up attack two days later was too much, and yesterday TEST picked up the last system opposing us in Delve.

Thermopylae.  Masada.  Wake Island.  T-IPZB.

So Delve has fallen to an invader.  Again.

Looking at the system histories at DOTLAN, you can see that this is just another turn of the wheel.  T-IPZB, before Walltreipers Alliance owned it, had belonged at various times to Band of Brothers, Goonswarm, KenZoku, Pandemic Legion, and Ewoks, among others.  Now it belongs to TEST.  Who will it belong to in a year?

Delve – July 16, 2012

I suspect that the Walltreipers Alliance, having shown what they are made of even as some of their erstwhile allies were quitting the field, shouldn’t have trouble finding a new home somewhere.

Meanwhile, TEST has almost finished sweeping up Querious as well, the former home of Red Alliance.  That leaves most of the western edge of the galaxy in CFC/HBC hands.  Sovereignty map from the usual source.

State of Null Sec – July 16, 2012

There is a lot of blue on the western edge of the galaxy now, though I see that the Viking Empire is still there.  I guess somebody changed their mind about that summer vacation home.  (Oh, this happened.) Still, TEST now holds sovereignty in more systems that any other alliance.

This conquest was accomplished, according to Endie’s math, by 4,234 in-game characters, many of whom traveled across the galaxy to be there, and who had a logistical tail equally as long.  A bit less than the fearsome horde of 50,000 that people sometimes mention.  Though, we did have a force multiplier when it came to intel.

All of which leads to the usual follow up question: What next?

There is Period Basis to the south, with the remains of Nulli Secunda and the Vera Cruz Alliance, and there is Catch, the home of Against All Authorities.   We’re down there, we’re geared for war, and the summer is only half over.  Are we going on or are we going home?

4 thoughts on “Walltreipers Alliance Defeated – Conquest of Delve Complete

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The CFC is a confederation of alliances that, on the sov map, runs clockwise from TEST through to Razor Alliance and includes most of the alliances in between. That is the CFC.

    Then there is the Honeybadger Coalition (HBC), which is the vehicle by which TEST and Pandemic Legion run around stirring up crap. It was they that injected themselves into the war between Red Alliance and Nulli Secundi to such an extent that they joined forces to fight them, drawing in AAA and some others into a Southern Coalition (SoCo).


  2. Arggram Soothslayer

    MBP, here’s some math to help you:
    CFC = TEST+Goons+RAZOR + (Everyone else between those three).
    SoCo = AAA+Nulli+Vera Cruz+Red alliance +(bunch of smaller alliances/pets/renters)
    Honeybadgers = TEST+ Pandemic Legion

    TEST and Goons are considered “brothers” due to their shared cultural heritage (communities outside EVE).

    Goons and PL were ex-lovers, had some rough spots, and are now “just friends”.

    In the beginning, one half of what would become SoCo was fighting the other half for Delve. TEST and PL decided they wanted to get married, and went to Delve for their honeymoon. Everyone else who was fighting over Delve at the time decided to form SoCo and fight Honeybadgers. TEST called in their older brother Goons, who then brought even more friends (CFC). SoCo ran away.


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