In New Eden My Heart Goes “Boum!”

Another video experiment.

Direct link here.  Probably best viewed on the YouTube site in a larger format.

When I found the song, “Boum!” by Charles Trenet on on iTunes, I knew I had to try to recreate the scene from the “France Falls” episode of World at War which features the song. (On come now, somebody must know what I am talking about.)

I actually bought the whole World at War 30th Anniversary sound track.  I wonder if there is something else I can make out of it.

This little project was helped along immensely by the fact that I have been trying to grind some rep with an alt recently.  But more on that later.

8 thoughts on “In New Eden My Heart Goes “Boum!”

  1. bhagpuss

    That was wonderful! Brilliantly edited and I always loved that song. First Eve video I have ever watched that made me think “Hmmm – maybe…”


  2. Crash69

    Very nice! Would never have imagined that particular song as background music for a video like this. Well done!


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    One of the tricky bits of the whole thing was that you essentially have to line up each clip with the song in order. At a couple of points I decided I didn’t like a clip and changing that of course messed up all the following clips until I could get it trimmed just right.

    I am beginning to suspect that Windows Live Movie Maker is not the most sophisticated of tools for this sort of thing.

    Ships featured are a Drake running missions on an alt, a Tengu running anomalies in null sec, and a Punisher frigate that I keep on my main just to run level 1 missions now and again just for kicks. It is fast, overpowered, and fun to zip around in.

    The early parts nicely show the new missile graphics. The last two segments are the old missile graphics, but were the only clips I could find to fit the rising crescendo as the song finishes.

    Discovery: Drone explosions are crap. I lined up a battleship sized drone at close range for one take and exchanged broadsides with it hoping for an epic, close up explosion. Instead it just sort of went “phaw” and disappeared.


  4. flosch

    *blink* At 1:30… was that… a Raven fleet?!

    I didn’t know such things existed. (I don’t personally dislike the Raven, it’s just… people hate it. And they’re not completely without reason.)


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @flosch – It is a Raven fleet… a Guristas Raven fleet. In my attempt to vary the scenes, I put the camera on one NPC and angled it to watch a second that I was targeting. I had a similar clip of three Guristas Moas that I ended up not using.

    The same method was used to get the Cormorant exploding earlier in the video..

    I am mildly annoyed that EVE yanks the camera view back so quickly when the ship or object on which you have focus explodes. But I guess it is no longer there (wrecks are completely different objects) so the behavior is correct as the object is no longer within range of the camera. (100km)


  6. gwjanimej

    10/10 would splode.

    On the enemy camera, that’s getting fixed at some point.

    Unrelated: You should regale us with a tale of DBRB’s AAA heist. Mainly because Riverini’s write up is trash.


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