Instant Adventure, You Do Love Me!

Yesterday I was carping a bit about Rift’s Instant Adventure.  There are some issues.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t run the regularly.

I have a warrior, Sanperre, whom I decided to level up… just because.  It might be nice to have more than one character at level cap when Storm Legion comes out.

So I take him out most evenings and run him through “do seven” Instant Adventure quest.  I also run the crafting related quests just to get him some of the currency for buying recipes.  He crafts both armor and weapons at this point.  So he has been building up levels and various currencies.

Last night though was extra special.  After hitting one of the boss kill segments, I got a purple equipment cache drop which, when opened, ended up being a server first item.  I don’t think I have had a server first of anything since the early days of EverQuest II.

First one on Shatterbone

This was a great drop.  First it was a serious upgrade over the weapon I had been wielding, giving me a 5.2 DPS boost… which is actually pretty huge.

Serious upgrade

Second, I love weapon upgrades in general, so this was a double win.  I will go through a game and forget to upgrade armor pieces, enchantments, and so forth, but I do tend to obsess about the weapon I am wielding.  This one will probably cover me until I hit level 50.

And the second, blue equipment cache drop wasn’t so bad either.  It wasn’t epic or a server first, but it was a good upgrade to my main chest armor… which, as noted above, I had neglected to upgrade despite being at least a tier above what I had been wearing.

So a good night, though I still ended up in the Freemarch Instant Adventure.  Again.

3 thoughts on “Instant Adventure, You Do Love Me!

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @pkudude99 – It was the night cycle in-game. I tried, but it was gray on gray with a dark gray background, even when I applied one of those “make you weapon glow!” potions to it.

    It is pretty decent looking, but not at the level of, say, Aradune’s flaming sword or anything.


  2. bhagpuss

    Grats! I love getting server firsts in any MMO that records them. It’s a prime reason for playing from day one, or immediately after any major content update. I have quite a few in Rift, mostly from crafting (and indeed from buying the vendor-sold crafting raws).

    One of the best things about Vanguard when it began was that not only did you get a Server First when you discovered an object or a place, but the game took a screenshot of you doing it and pasted it into your own personal scrapbook. That’s a feature every MMO should have.


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