The Storm Legion Mount

You kind of have to be a Bahmi to pull off the “Landslide” mount they are offering.  Normal human sized characters get sort of lost on its back.  And don’t get me started on how a dwarf might look.

Big Mount for a Big Bahmi

And you get the title right away too, though that isn’t quite as much fun…

Wait, you’re who now?

Unless you just like making your name extra long.  You also seem to get bumped up in your veteran status when you buy in.

That means a few more goodies.  Not sure I need another 10 experience buff potions and such. (5 each for 18 and 24 month achievements)

And I am kind of bummed that they only stack to 20.  Can somebody fix that?

Anyway, have fun playing Guild Wars 2 the weekend after next.  I am committed to this for a while.

3 thoughts on “The Storm Legion Mount

  1. bhagpuss

    Those anniversary gifts in Rift drive me to distraction. I don’t want to destroy them but I also don’t want to have them taking up so much bag space. I used to leave them in the mail but I’d always end up forgetting what they were and taking them out and then I was stuck with them.

    I much, much prefer the SOE version where all your rewards sit in /claim forever until and unless you choose to claim them.

    And what’s with the stack limits in all games, anyway? Why do all MMOs start with tiny stacks that they gradually and grudgingly increase over time? Is it a database issue? Surely it’s just a value in a field – does it make a difference to performance or cost if that value is 20 or 20, 000? Or is it, as I’ve always assumed, a mechanic to force you to buy bags (in old-style sub games that tried to create meaningful economies) or storage upgrades (in microtransaction games)?


  2. Pitrelli

    Really wish I had clicked with rift as its devs and the game certainly deserve more support/subs. I just didn’t like the soul system and it ended up being a real turn off for me.

    Glad they are still holding their own in the subs market :)


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – The problem with the /claim thing is that there was always one item in the stack I wanted, so I had to /claim to get that, and got everything else as well. I was glad when SOE unified some of those potions into a single type at least. There used to be like 19 different flavors.

    On the stack size I suspect two things.

    One is that nobody internally plays the game like we do, hoarding supplies and special items and things we might want to use for cosmetic slots. So they never hit the “out of bag/bank space” wall the way players do. The way I do. In every single game.

    So a stack of 20 potions looks just fine. Now I have 30 of each potions, on each character though. (29 on one character, I used one, once!) Now they take up double the space. And, like you, I hate to just throw them away, I *might* want them some day.

    As for why 20? I suspect, based on my own years in development, that unless the spec dictates something like that specifically, some junior level developer ends up making the decision based on whatever seems good at the moment.

    At my end, this has lead to certain devs creating forms that limit last names to 12 characters, no special characters allowed. Who has a longer last name than that? (One dev, originally from China, set a last name field to 8 characters. I pointed out that he had a 2 character last name, so… perspective.)

    My last name exceeds 12 characters, so I always find that issue. And a person on my team has a name that is both longer and hyphenated. And another guy has an apostrophe. Go team.

    In the latter two, at least the dev was trying to constrain the data being sent. I cannot count the number of times I have heard a young dev say, “But you’re only supposed to put numbers in that field!”


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