We Redeem Ourselves in US-TZ at 42XJ-N

And Dabigredboat was pretty happy about it.

The op was set to go and take out a Northern Coalition tower.

The end result went as planned.

NC tower at 42XJ-N

After the latest Goonswarm CEO Update, we had something to prove.  The combined AHAC fleets opposing us, the main backbone of which has been Zealot heavy assault cruisers, had been chopping up the Maelstroms and the Drake fleets during prime US timezone hours.  It was time for a change.

AHAC Fleet

A ruse de guerre sent the opposition elsewhere, allowing us to arrive at the target system 42XJ-N.  They jumped in and the fight was on.

Missiles vs. Lasers, Drakes vs. Zealots

I flew a scimitar for the fight, so no kills for me.  No time for sight seeing either.  A good thing we did well, as I pulled my usual stunt of buying a ship quickly off of a local contract and undocking without that whole “insurance” step.  It came home in one piece, minus drones as usual.

Early returns showed us losing around 30 Drakes and a handful of Scimitars from the main fleet.  A lot of that was offset by this Proteus we killed.  That kill ended enemy resistance aside from some bombers that made a too late run at us when we were leaving the system.  If somebody posts a real battle report, I’ll link it.  This should not be mistaken for anything of the kind.

Meanwhile, over Jabber, The Mittani sent his regards.

We have won a fight, won a tech, nuked a bunch of expensive shiny toys, and done it all with disposable tech one battlecruisers, As Is Our Way. Turns out that Drakes + Artycanes is hilarious fun!

Note: having damps in utility slots on Drakes is goddamned hilarious when the hostile fc is damped for literally the entire fight and unable to call targets.

Sounds like a doctrine change might be posted soon.

After that it was a tower shoot, which was followed by the raising of our own tower.

Afterwards, DBRB had us all get in the bubble, then he reset permissions and the password which sent us all flying back out again.  There was enough time for me to record that just for fun.

Nothing special, just another goofy EVE moment.  It is hard to see in the small resolution, so try watching it at YouTube.

5 thoughts on “We Redeem Ourselves in US-TZ at 42XJ-N

  1. Stabs

    “the hostile fc is damped for literally the entire fight and unable to call targets.”

    Assuming you have an enemy fc who can’t simply sort by range and call from the nearest people, regardless of whether they’re locked or not. Maybe I should offer your opponents Overview Construction Services at some exorbitant rate.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stabs – According to the intel that DBRB shared with us, that was the problem. It appears that their standard practice is to have their FC target and then broadcast in the fleet window. If everybody is trained to that, it is very efficient, as everybody just control-clicks to target. Apparently being shut down unexpectedly put them in some disarray for a short time and hampered their efficiency during the fight.

    I doubt it is something that will work well more than once. But sometimes once is enough to make the opposition less effective over all.


  3. Zenver

    You don’t have to target something to broadcast the target. So I’m not sure what the damps were doing other than being annoying.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Zenver – I gather that being annoying was enough to put them off their stride. That and the change in fleet composition.

    The fight was, incidentally, the first time I flew logistics without TiDi. There was almost no TiDi during the fight. Logistics are a little less leisurely at that point.


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