Tell Me This Isn’t Korean for Top Gun…

The trailer for the South Korean movie Return to Base (or “Soar into the Sun,” as it was retitled at some point).

While it clearly has its own story, it is a remake of an older South Korean movie Red Scarf, there are points in the trailer that are clearly homages to Top Gun.  I’d watch just to see the full battle amongst the skyscrapers.

We’ll see if it makes it to NetFlix.  They do have it listed as a potential future title.

Hat tip to The Aviationist.

3 thoughts on “Tell Me This Isn’t Korean for Top Gun…

  1. Ahtchu

    Titles influencing other titles? Beatles and Beach Boys building of each others’ sound? Westerns and Samurai flicks nodding at each other?
    Thanks for the tipoff. Will look for and subsequently enjoy most likely.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Then you sir are not an American.

    But I think we all knew that.

    Top Gun used to be THE movie for demonstrating your surround sound setup. There was a point in time when you could not go into an electronics store and not see at least some of the flying scenes, as the planes going across screen would clearly show the dimensional sound.

    I recently forced my daughter to watch the movie as part of her ongoing cultural education.


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