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Today’s Conspiracy Theory – The WoW 5.0.4 Patch

I love a good conspiracy theory.  For me few things beats fanciful speculation based on cherry-picked facts and impossible to prove or disprove motivations.  It makes for grand entertainment.

For example, it seems to be almost a given in certain quarters that Blizzard’s decision to drop the WoW 5.0.4 patch today is an attempt to distract attention away from the Guild Wars 2 launch.

Evil pandas are EVIL!

If you ignore the fact that major patches and launches always happen on Tuesday in the US, that there are only so many Tuesdays between now and the Pandaria launch (which itself had to launch before the WoW year long subscription deal started to expire), that Blizzard always drops this sort of new content about a month before an expansion launch, and that it is a freaking patch that really only impacts people who are already playing WoW… with all of that irrelevance out of the way, you can clearly see the conspiracy unfolding.

So let us look at what the evil masterminds at Blizzard have deployed to spoil the Guild Wars 2 launch!  What bits of candy and other tasty tidbits will become to WoW in this spoiler patch.  The patch notes tell all!

Details after the cut to protect the young children from these stunning and graphic revelations!

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Guild Wars 2 – Officially Live Today

Fools rush in… and get the best names.

-Somebody who didn’t get up at 3am last week

It is Guild Wars 2 launch day.

The head start is out of the way.  Those who wanted official Tyrian baseball caps now have them… or have until September 12th to claim them.

They totally fit in…

And that was a lot of people.  A successful MMO’s worth of people.

The faithful and the hopeful spent their weekend putting the new game to the test, and hitting the level cap in a few cases.  Judging from the traffic coming out of the official GW2 Twitter account, the head start was not without its issues.  But Error 42 hasn’t quite achieved the fame of Error 37.

The individual issues were probably bad enough that it if they all happened to you, you could build a pretty decent case for another MMO launch failure.  Especially if you behaved badly or chose a name unwisely.   Or, if you were in a more benevolent mood, you could call it a huge success, best MMO launch ever… if you had gone totally soft, that is.

And while it is now launch day, and time for the unwashed masses to join in, I am not playing yet.

Guild Wars 2 was on my 2011 MMO outlook, which I wrote back in December of 2010, as a game of interest, but the time is not right.

For the moment I already have enough on my plate with Rift and EVE Online.  If I rushed out and bought the box, I probably would not play it until I was done with one of those two games for a while.  You know how it works when you have a subscription game and a non-subscription game, you tend to play the one for which you are paying a monthly fee.

Doubly so since I was never all that enthusiastic about Guild Wars.

But that is okay.  All of you playing are blazing the trail, finding the issues, and making the world safe for those of us who will follow in your wake.  And I will watch with interest what people have to say about the game now that it is live.

This gives me time to consider my choices for the game, starting with which race.  Fortunately Starfleet Dental has put together a chart detailing the races of Tyria to help me choose.  This important document, which I encourage you to read, goes through the races, the potential, influences, and uses.

Can’t go wrong here…

Well… not without uses I guess…

Then there are classes and such to work on as well.

And dances.  No MMO is complete these days without dance steps.

Plenty awaits me… when I get around to it.