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I Guess I Won’t Be Going Rogue

Some time back, as part of a sale now forgotten in the mists of time, Steam had a deal on City of Heroes, complete with the new Going Rogue expansion.

Woman pictured: Not Sarah Palin

I think it was $5.00 or some such lowball number.

That was a price which, at the time, I felt I could not resist.

A couple of years has passed since then.  City of Heroes has changed a lot, the most radical change of all being the conversion from a subscription game to a free to play title a little over a year ago.

But somehow I never quite found the time to play City of Heroes.  It was always too far down the list of games I wanted to play.

So while I had it installed on my system, but I never once clicked on the Play button in Steam.

And now there seems little point in clicking that button.  In fact, I will probably unintsall the game now without ever playing the copy I purchased. (Technically I played the demo back in 2007, so I have “played” the game a bit.)

NCsoft has announced that City of Heroes is going to be shut down.

November 30, 2012 is the target date for turning the game off.

And what lesson should we take from this?

That free to play is not a magic bullet?

That the MMO market space is over crowded?

That super hero games are a niche market?

That an awesome character creation tool (so good it gets you sued) won’t save you?

That NCsoft is good at shutting down MMOs?

When it comes to that last point, City of Heroes is another notch on the belt after Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa, Dungeon Runners, and Dragonica, so it seems difficult to deny it.

City of Heroes did last longer than most though, and no game lasts forever.

August in Review

The Site

Here we are at the 72nd monthly review post, and it still lacks in substance to the same degree that it did nearly six years ago.

Ah well, it is a habit by this point.  I even created a category for these posts.  I just have to go back and add that category to the first 62 monthly review posts.  I’ll get to that some day.  Now to come up with something about the site.

Well, there is the turning of the seasons… last month’s spam was all about Brazilian email list scams, this month it turned to Guild Wars 2 gold selling sites.  Always a sign of change.

My email inbox however seems to be primarily devoted to WoW related scams.  I will be happy for Mists of Panderia to ship if only because the phishing scams will have to find something besides panda beta access scams to send me.  I am at the level of more than one a day on those right now, all to an email address that isn’t associated with my Blizzard account.  Always amusing.

Well, maybe not always.

One Year Ago

Blizzard announced some crazy idea that you would have to be logged on to Battle.net at all times to play Diablo III.  Glad that never came up again.  Oh, wait

SOE finally got a comprehensive server status page, and Scars of Velious opened up on Fippy Darkpaw.

I hit 70 million skill points in EVE Online and prepared to check out after the summer or rage.

I was back playing LOTRO for a bit.  I made it into Moria, then went looking for hoes.  I also wrote a post summing up my relationship with LOTRO up to that point.  It’s complicated.

Wargaming.net announced World of Battleships.  They have since changed the name to World of Warships, because we cannot have enough games we can shorted to WoW yet.  This got me musing on battleships and related games.

Meanwhile, World or Warplanes (another WoW) got a web site with cool pictures and stuff.

David Reid was telling people that Rift had ONE MILLION CUSTOMERS.  How one actually defines a customer was left as an exercise to the student.

I was still playing some Need for Speed World.  I was enjoying destructible terrain, though the weekend the police broke lead to some different destruction.

I mentioned some of the little things I liked in MMOs.

I was wondering about World of Warcraft Magazine issue 5.  It seemed to be very late.

And Namaste put out a Very Short History of MMOs video.  Wasn’t there a follow up video?

Five Years Ago

I won something in a contest!  A Warp Drive Active Shirt!  I still haven’t been to any sort of EVE Online event where it would impress people however.

And speaking of EVE, I started down the training path to get my alt flying a Hulk.  As with most such ventures, it began with mining in the modest Bantam frigate and the oddly shaped Osprey cruiser.  Also, our corp, the Twilight Cadre was founded.  I also wrote up a piece on how to find an agent in EVE Online (without external resources) that has become one of the most viewed posts on this site.

I received a copy of the first issue of EQuinox, the official EverQuest II magazine.  It was… thin.  And it had a dark elf on the cover.  You would think there were no other races in EverQuest with all the play dark elves get.

Meanwhile, Qeynos harbor was full of rumors about Sarnak!

Legends of Norrath was announced at SOE Fan Faire 2007.  I was not there, but I listened to the presentation live while IM’ing with Darren about what we heard, which included an interesting offer from Leonai of Online Gaming Radio.  I still have not actually played LoN.  I am just not the collectible card game kind of person.

I purchased the Richard Garriot’s Tabula Rasa Pre-Order box, only to find that getting into the beta, as was promised on the outside of the box, was not as easy as I had hoped.  You had to get access to the beta forum to get the information, and the beta forum was not letting people in!

In a strange turn of fate, I happened to take a look at PlayOn on the very day they posted their WoW Random Guild Name Generator.  So I posted a quick link to it, which in turn has become my most viewed post ever.  The popularity was related to some Google algorithm which put up this site on the first page of searches related to guild name generators.  And so, for a year, that post has been on the top of the list in my month in review.

I also put up what would become my second most popular post for quite a while, How to Find an Agent in EVE Online.  It only took CCP four years to make the whole thing less convoluted.

CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson stirred up the “why so much fantasy?” discussion about MMOs and I put out my own views, to which I now just link back whenever the discussion comes back up again.

And, finally, it was a year ago when TAGN hit the 100,000 page view milestone.  We have had a few more since then.

New Linking Sites

The following blogs have linked this site in their blogroll, for which they have my thanks.

Please take a moment to visit them in return.

Most Viewed Posts in August

I discover that being SynCaine is being successful, as my attempt to emulate him became my most popular post of the month.  And no Pokemon on the list.  How did that happen?

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Spam Comment of the Month

Yes, and you can’t sig tank against a tengu with a scimitar and keep up with it. Even base sig is like 70 something and CN HMs have like 84m ER.
[I have no idea if this is true, or what it has to do with the SEO link that came with it]

Search Terms of the Month

Who still subscribes to WoW?
[A question Blizzard might have to work on soon]

pics of half open pokeballs
[Rule 34 in action I am sure]

are the asilomar conference grounds haunted?
[I have it on good authority that they are]

terry prachet noobs
[They have only read “The Color of Magic?”]

EVE Online

Life continues on in null sec, with one war ending and another beginning.  This latest war seems to be taking place mostly while I am still at the office though.  Or at least the fun bits.  Damn Europeans.  Anyway, I have shot a lot of structures lately.  Well, I haven’t even done that.  I have flow logistic for a lot of structure shooting, which is like being on the medical team for a miniature golf tournament.  Sure, people get hurt once in a while, but do they really need reps.  I was able to passive tank the POS guns last night while flying slow and in a straight line. (FC orders)

My high sec industrial alt has been plugging away.  I may have to tell his tale some day.  He has been on a mission.

Oh, and my main character, Wilhelm Arcturus, just celebrated his 6th year since creation this past Wednesday.  That seems like a long time ago.

Guild Wars 2

It launched.  It has sold a lot of boxes.  A lot of people are playing it.

Just not me.

Not yet, in any case.  I am going to let this settle down a bit before I jump in.  Yes, I missed out on the baseball cap and the super low priced karma weapons (limit, 49 per customer) and the bans.  And I probably will have to create characters with super cryptic names, since names have to be unique game-wide.  But I am willing to sacrifice.

My target point:  I’ll buy in when I can get a box (virtual or otherwise) for $40 or less.

It might be a long wait.


I have been spending my swords and sorcery play time in Telara for the most part, and I have been quite enjoying it.  I have another character at level 50 now, so that is a warrior and a rogue.

Sanperre Level 50

Meanwhile, the instance group is coming back together in Rift and the group is just 11 levels away from 50 as well.  We should be there long before Storm Legion arrives.

I might have to go work on a mage.  I have one.  He is level 12.  It would be something to have one of each at level cap.  But I have never really been a mage person.  We shall see.

World of Warcraft

Despite not playing much (I have been doing Darkmoon Faire every month with a couple characters and that is about it) I did download the nearly 8 GB of data that came with the dread Patch 5.0.4.  I then logged in all of my characters to consolidate pets and mounts and achievements across characters.  This caused Raptr to erroneously report that I had somehow earned 75 achievements the other night.  Industrious.  With nearly two months left to go on my annual pass,I figured I ought to see what there was to see.

Coming Up

Next month.  Well, Torchlight II launches, which I absolutely will be getting, as will Mists of Panderia, which I have no plans to purchase at all.  Heck, I will be able to create a panda if I want without it.  I just won’t get any new content otherwise.  But I still have a lot of Cataclysm content left undone, so why bother?

There might be another expansion unlock on Fippy Darkpaw.  We shall see how the vote goes this time.  Gates of Discord had a hard fight.  Will Omens of War face similar resistance?

Riders of Rohan rode on out of September and into October, so that will get saved for another day.

Fall is approaching, the traditional time for deep nostalgia here at TAGN.  What will it involve this year?

And, finally, people who did some math up at the top of this post will realize that another regular tradition of this blog is looming next month.  Now I just need to come up with a theme for it.

Torchlight II Launches September 20th

Runic Games put the launch date for Torchlight II up in their forums last night.

The official press covered announcement will no doubt come at PAX today as previously mentioned.

The big date is September 20th, which is a little earlier than I suspected it would come.  I was calling November 5th, but I will take it earlier if it is ready!

September 20th does put it right before Blizzard’s big panda expansion, but I suspect that while the fan base for the two games overlap, they probably do not compete to the exclusion of each other.

Now what becomes of Diablo III with its main competitor coming online in just three weeks?

Addendum: Official announcement on the web site and a new video:

The Station at UMI-KK Changes Hands

The station at UMI-KK, the system at the center of the war in Tribute for the last week, changed hands.

The outpost is now in the hands of the CFC, with a new name, “U MIght Have Lost Tribute.”

Northern Coalition also lost sovereignty in the system, which will no doubt soon be added to the systems already owned by the CFC in the region.

I would like to report that this all came about due to an epic fight… but I cannot.

While I understand there was some fighting, by the time I showed up with the second Drake fleet, it was all over.  And so we spent a couple of hours shooting more structures, which lays the groundwork for further changes of ownership.

Shooting a jump bridge

The only kills we got were based completely on the bad luck of the opposing pilots who chose the wrong moments to show up in our vicinity.

Picked the wrong time to use that jump bridge

My experience in null sec so far has been that there comes a point in these wars where one side gives up and seeks to minimize any further ship losses.  Have we reached that tipping point in the Tribute war now?

Addendum: More details from last night and the war in general are showing up.