I Guess I Won’t Be Going Rogue

Some time back, as part of a sale now forgotten in the mists of time, Steam had a deal on City of Heroes, complete with the new Going Rogue expansion.

Woman pictured: Not Sarah Palin

I think it was $5.00 or some such lowball number.

That was a price which, at the time, I felt I could not resist.

A couple of years has passed since then.  City of Heroes has changed a lot, the most radical change of all being the conversion from a subscription game to a free to play title a little over a year ago.

But somehow I never quite found the time to play City of Heroes.  It was always too far down the list of games I wanted to play.

So while I had it installed on my system, but I never once clicked on the Play button in Steam.

And now there seems little point in clicking that button.  In fact, I will probably unintsall the game now without ever playing the copy I purchased. (Technically I played the demo back in 2007, so I have “played” the game a bit.)

NCsoft has announced that City of Heroes is going to be shut down.

November 30, 2012 is the target date for turning the game off.

And what lesson should we take from this?

That free to play is not a magic bullet?

That the MMO market space is over crowded?

That super hero games are a niche market?

That an awesome character creation tool (so good it gets you sued) won’t save you?

That NCsoft is good at shutting down MMOs?

When it comes to that last point, City of Heroes is another notch on the belt after Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa, Dungeon Runners, and Dragonica, so it seems difficult to deny it.

City of Heroes did last longer than most though, and no game lasts forever.

6 thoughts on “I Guess I Won’t Be Going Rogue

  1. Anjin

    I was hoping someone would pick up on the F2P angle since I didn’t think of it until after I posted and I was too lazy to go back. Has there been another F2P conversion that got cancelled anyway? Having trouble thinking of one.


  2. Yarr

    With three superhero MMORPGs on the market, plus a fourth casual / kids superhero game as well, and yet a fifth (Marvel) on the way… something was going to give. I’m just surprised it was CoH, but then I guess CO has (for now) a new lease on life with parent company Perfect World.

    I think a lot of this has to do with CoH’s age and NCSoft deciding there wasn’t enough money (for them) to make on bringing out CoH2, especially with Nexon becoming a major NCSoft shareholder, yet another NCSoft restructure, etc. And honestly, it is pretty hard to compete with an IP that isn’t based on DC or Marvel comics. Those two companies are the giants in the industry, buying out smaller comic lines that come and go on a regular basis. I really give credit to CoH being as successful as it was and 8+ years is a pretty good run. Glad I got to play it a few months, but just never had the time to really get into it. I didn’t like CO at all and am trying to find some time for DCUO.


  3. Fnord

    As has been said, 8 years presumably seeing profits for at least a good portion of that time, is no mean thing. It doesn’t seem to belong in a category with stuff like Tabula Rasa that never really had any success.

    I had some great times, and it was always on my list to resubscribe if I needed something to do. But it was certainly showing it’s age even when I last subscribed, and many of the important innovations that made it stand out in its prime, notably mentoring, are (finally) being adopted by competitors.


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