The Station at UMI-KK Changes Hands

The station at UMI-KK, the system at the center of the war in Tribute for the last week, changed hands.

The outpost is now in the hands of the CFC, with a new name, “U MIght Have Lost Tribute.”

Northern Coalition also lost sovereignty in the system, which will no doubt soon be added to the systems already owned by the CFC in the region.

I would like to report that this all came about due to an epic fight… but I cannot.

While I understand there was some fighting, by the time I showed up with the second Drake fleet, it was all over.  And so we spent a couple of hours shooting more structures, which lays the groundwork for further changes of ownership.

Shooting a jump bridge

The only kills we got were based completely on the bad luck of the opposing pilots who chose the wrong moments to show up in our vicinity.

Picked the wrong time to use that jump bridge

My experience in null sec so far has been that there comes a point in these wars where one side gives up and seeks to minimize any further ship losses.  Have we reached that tipping point in the Tribute war now?

Addendum: More details from last night and the war in general are showing up.