Just 68 Days to Get My Mage to Level 50

Meet Solyndro.  He is my mage.

Solyndro and Companion

Early on in playing Rift I made one character of each of the major classes, warrior, cleric, rogue, and mage.  At the time I had heard that pyromancer… fire mage… was a good path to follow and named him after the wreck of the solar power company just up the highway from me which now stands as yet another monument to government waste and stupidity.  I made the name a little more masculine by substituting an “o” in for the “a” at the end.

I played Solyndro through the tutorial and then left him sitting in the corner of Freemarch where you first enter the main section of the game, the right timeline, the past world you have been sent back to save… along with so many other people.  Personal storylines are tough in MMOs.

I did play him a bit when we had to move servers.  You have to be at least level 8 to do a server transfer it seems.  But that was back in January.  I haven’t done much with him since.  I sent him some surplus cosmetic items.  There was an extra Santa hat I had around, and somewhere I came up with an Ancient Kelari robe, which ironically occupies the chest equipment slot yet does not actually cover the players chest. (Not an issue limited to Rift.  I wonder how it looks on a female Kelari? I’m guessing they don’t wear it so low.)  I decided that this would be his look.  Nipples free in Telara.

And so he sat for months, until last week.  Last week I noted in my month in review post that I had a level 50 rogue and a level 50 warrior and that Hillmar, my instance group cleric, was close enough to level 50 that it would not be a big deal to get him there.  The instance group will get him there.   All that I was missing was a level 50 mage.

And so this past weekend I got Solyndro out again.  I respec’d him in one of the pre-defined soul plans that Trion put into the game back in February. Despite his name, I went with the Gravelord plan.

Sympathy for the Gravelord

It seemed like the best choice for me.  I have never been good at mage types.  I have tended to avoid them since the days of Bard’s Tale.  But Gizalia has been using this plan and it seems to have some nice extras… good pets, self heals, and even feign death.

So there he was in his Ancient Kelari robe, Santa hat, and a pair of industrial strength gloves (because he hates digging through icky stuff with his bare hands) ready for action.  I played him a lot over the three day weekend.  He has gone from level 8 and just starting in on Freemarch to closing in on level 26 and into the north end of Stonefield, having made the residents miserable along the way.

Mage without pity

The climb to 50 was on.  And then last night it became a race.

Trion finally announced the ship date for Storm Legion, the first Rift expansion.  It will be showing up on November 13th of this year.

The Storm Comes in November!

This actually surprised me.  Trion has borrowed so many winning plays from Blizzard (and I don’t blame them for doing so one bit) that I naturally assumed that when they did their “Subscribe for a year and get Storm Legion for free” offer, that meant Storm Legion was way out in the mid-2013.

I mean, that was the Blizzard method.  They offered a one year deal and then deliver the panda expansion 11 months later.  But no, just three months will elapse between the offer and the expansion launch.

Storm’s coming!

The Storm Legion page has been updated, they have a new video, and things seem to be set for November.  That puts it at the far end of the launch marathon, with Guild Wars 2, Torchlight II, Mists of Panderia, and Riders of Rohan all going live in the gap before Thanksgiving and the launch of the Holiday Shopping Season(tm).

And so the race for 50 is well and truly on.

At this point, given my progress and the help that I know instant adventures will give, I am feeling pretty good about hitting level 50 before Storm Legion launches.  It is a good, solid goal.

Of course, the early part is also the easy part.  Somewhere after Scarlet Gorge, the game gets kind of blurry to me until I get to Stillmore.  There is a chance I will lose momentum and get distracted.  I mean, Torchlight II is coming out pretty soon here.  Still, I remain resolute.

The spider mount is also his thing

Solyndro the nature boy, the topless Kelari of Telara, is on his way to level 50.  We shall see if he gets there.

He might be my first mage type character at level cap ever.

7 thoughts on “Just 68 Days to Get My Mage to Level 50

  1. pkudude99

    Female version of Ancient Kelari Robe Looks like that person dyed it purple.

    Good on ya for trying out a mage. Personally, I find that for soloing I like a necromancer/elementalist combo. The elementalist tank pet is actually quite a bit stronger than the necromancer one, but the Necromancer’s Soul Purge channeled attack heals any pet, not just a Necro pet, so it works out most excellently.

    You start off for the 1st 16 levels being pretty much a necromancer only, but then you start putting points in Elementalist and more or less switch over, but still use Soul Purge when you have a full charge and also when the pet needs healing. Works most excellently and solos like a dream. I wouldn’t use it as a group dps spec, though.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @pkudude99 – Ah, the female version comes with a pair of bustiers, one for each breast. That actually looks more like evening wear than Solyndro’s bare chested nature-boy routine.

    In our regular group, Gizalia has been using the necro build while Jolly has the elementalist build. And I have seen quite a few elementalists about when doing instant adventures.

    One of the approaching problems in my mage run will be the “too many damn skills” issue which seems to plague Rift and its soul system. I know people often boil things down to a couple of macros, but I inevitably want to keep the individual skills on my bar in addition to the macros (a lot of them have effects you want to keep on hand for specific situations), and soon I am overwhelmed by choice or I take a couple of days off and forget what half the skills do. (If I even knew what half of them did in the first place.)


  3. Aufero

    I had a lot of fun in Rift, but I quit about the time I figured out how to make the most efficient macro for each class and soul combination I was interested in. To my way of thinking, I’d won the game.


  4. pkudude99

    @TAGN: I find as a mage that you really generally only need about 5 things in pve — for example, when solo with my NecroMentalist it’d be open with Crystalline Missles, hit Icy Carapace while it’s in flight for the “explosion” when CM hits it for a nice opening burst of damage, then CM to build charge, then hit Soul Purge once your charge is at 50 or higher. So this build didn’t need macros since there was so little to it. A few other “as needed” skills, but that was it.

    OTOH, my PyroLock dps build for groups I think I used a macros to get myself down to about 3 buttons, but each macro did different things, so they were semi-situational. I also had a chlorolock build for healing/rezzing if needed too, and that one didn’t have macros either. IMO, the mage is actually the least macro-able class out there.


  5. Ryan Finley

    Any recommendations for class choice with someone just trying Rift out? I’ve been out of the MMO scene for awhile, after hanging up my 5+ year WoW sub last year, but I’m looking to dabble in a few of the newer games. I’m nearly level 10 in SWTOR and already feel underwhelmed by the whole experience. I thought I’d give Rift a whirl, but it looks a little overwhelming in terms of class choice. What’s a good place to start?


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Ryan – That is a tough one because, as you note, you can really roll your own class with the Rift soul system.

    That said, there are some pre-defined classes, some of which come close to WoW classes. My rogue is a ranged weapon user with a pet tank in the classic WoW hunter role.

    At a higher level, I think I have enjoyed my rogue and my mage the most so far. The warrior was good, though I run him in a tank config, so he can be slow to kill at times, but very survivable. And that comes in handy with Instant Adventure, since you get a boss fight every 7 rounds and you are often standing there with a damage mage and rogue.

    Cleric has been my least favorite to solo, but I play a healer with our group, and it works well with that.

    In IA groups, I see a lot of mages and rogues, some warriors, and very few clerics, so I guess I am not alone in my views.


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