Random Items for a Friday – Wii U, Wallpapers, and Nostalgia Edition

Remember the Sleeper

Over at Giant Bomb there is a post up titled Tales from Norrath: Don’t Wake the Dragon.  It recounts the famous, one-time (per server) event, the waking of The Sleeper in EverQuest.  A unique event and a bit of MMO history.

I told you to just let him sleep…

What Ever Became of Wallpapers?

Walltreipers, the SoCo alliance that defiantly held onto the system T-IPZB in the 2012 Delve War after the region had been abandoned by its allies and Nulli Secunda had thrown in the towel (see Notes from the War in Delve), were hailed as champions on par with the 300 for a short bit.

Cornered in Gaul, but holding firm

There was all sorts of loose talk about bringing them ammo or coming to some sort of honorable accord with them, and then the Honey Badger Coalition finally brought their weight to bear and stomped them, thus completing the conquest of Delve.

What are they up to?  It looks like they are still together and active and gate camping TEST in Fountain these days.  I just wonder that nobody has found a system for them to hold.  This seems like the type of alliance you want guarding sovereignty in a corner of your region, not as renters but allies.

Launch of the Wii U

Consoles were never really my thing.  Yes, I had an Atari 2600 like… 35 years ago… but after obtaining a personal computer, console gaming fell by the wayside, as did arcades.  (My arcade memories are pretty old.)

That changed with the advent of the Wii.  The Wii became the favored past time for my daughter and I.  For a long stretch we would get up early on Saturday morning, jump into the big beanbag chair parked way too close to the TV, and play Mario Party 8 and LEGO Star Wars and other titles, including some classics from the Game Cube era.  It was a golden age.

The Wii has since fallen into disfavor at our house.  After a couple of years, the computer started to take over.  Like father, like daughter.

My daughter plays the Wii when she has friends over, but it ceased to be a daddy-daughter thing after she began to favor games at which I, frankly, suck to an embarrassing degree.  And her favorite games aren’t on the Wii any more.

Now the Wii U is coming out.  It promises backward compatibility with the Wii, which is good, and a controller that looks like a PDA, which is… I don’t know.  Ars Technica has all the Wii U answers, at least around the technical side of things.  And the price isn’t that bad, relative to the the historical launch costs of consoles (thanks Tesh).  But do I really need this thing?

Wii U in white

Indications are that I do not.  Sure, Penny Arcade seems hot on the idea, or at least its potential, but they are hot on a lot of games for about two minutes before they are installing the next thing.  And then there are the forecasts by those who purport to know.


How about you?

Torchlight II Next Thursday

The next game on my “must have” list is less than a week away.  I did not pre-order it, as the incentive was a copy of Torchlight and, well, I already have that.

This means I probably need to get my mage a lot closer to level cap this weekend.

Then again, my daughter is insisting that I play Minecraft with her, which is all the rage with her and her friends these day.

As I always say, we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Random Items for a Friday – Wii U, Wallpapers, and Nostalgia Edition

  1. Gank

    You had an Atari you lucky bugger…. I had the Intellivision and had to go to mates houses to play the cool Atari games.

    Torchlight II is also the next game to get added to my massive rotation but I’m gonna really try to focus on this one, at least until Xcom is released!


  2. Syl

    I grew up with atari and consoles but I’d never touch another Nintendo product nowadays :) not since the big disappointment that was Wii and Big N’s ridiculous and cheap handheld marketing philosophy (similar to what apple does with iPhones…). given the overall situation of the console market right now, I’m surprised it’s finally here – but then Nintendo always firmly held the asian and friends&family market in general.

    and I still read my Asterix collection on a regular basis :)


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