I Knew That Press Release Was Trying Too Hard

Yes, I know a lot of you were excited confused interested bemused suicidal … well, something… when I posted a snippet from a press release announcing  and addition to leetUP’s Awesomesauce.live event tour.  To recap:

LOS ANGELES – ATTENTION all giant robot-loving, D&D-obsessed, podcast-pirating, LARP-afflicted, zombie-slaying, cartoon-watching, bacon-eating people of the world -leetUP today announced that viral luminary Grace Helbig will be joining the “AWESOMESAUCE.LIVE!” 2012 fall tour.  The massive tour de force which Complex Magazine coined “Kevin Pereira’s Coachella for nerds,” is set to descend and ravage pop culture fanatics in 10 cities this fall. The YouTube darling hits the road for nine shows, beginning September 20 in Seattle with stops in Portland, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Madison and Chicago. (*Minneapolis excluded)

Well, sad to say, the tour appears to be going the way of Planet Michael.  From today’s follow up press release:

LOS ANGELES – September 19, 2012 – Due to conflicting promotional obligations from added markets for Kevin Pereira’s new Warner Bros. show, “Let’s Ask America,” the inaugural leetUP “Awesomesauce.Live” tour has been postponed. The interactive comedy variety show, which Complex Magazine dubbed “Kevin Pereira’s Coachella for Nerds” was set to descend upon and ravage pop culture fanatics in 10 cities this fall, beginning September 20 in Seattle, with stops in Portland, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Madison, and Chicago. Pereira, who was to be joined on tour by a series of geeky celebs and interweb stars including Epic Meal Time, VJ Mike Relm and YouTube darling, Grace Helbig, assures fans efforts will be made to bring leetUP to a city near them as scheduling permits.

Said Pereira, “It was not an easy decision to postpone, but it’s the right one. We know our fans deserve nothing short of an over-the-top spectacle and we will deliver when the time is right. We are sorry for any temporarily broken hearts. Email us at iamsad@leetup.com and we will get back to you with digital hugs and gratitude.”  Promoters of the tour remain enthusiastic about leetUP “Awesomesauce.Live!” and are looking at dates to reschedule. “With the great success of the first leetUP in Los Angeles, we fully support and are looking forward to promoting dates in the future,” said Lesley Olenik, Talent Buyer for Goldenvoice.

Basically, “Hey, sorry guys, but we got a real gig.  Catch you later!”

Of course, the key item from the whole thing is this line at the very end:

Ticketholders can get refunds at original point of purchase.

Let’s face it, when somebody starts handing money back… like the way NCsoft is talking about with City of Heroes subscribers… the writing is on the wall.

Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin indeed.

6 thoughts on “I Knew That Press Release Was Trying Too Hard

  1. Aufero

    I’ve never heard of any of those people, organizations, events or shows. Either their publicists are trying to make something out of nothing, or I need more practice shaking my cane and telling them to get off my lawn.


  2. kiantremayne

    What Aufero said.

    Also, I found the whole tone of both press releases to be cringe-inducingly embarrassing (although to be fair I’m English, we get embarrassed when somebody says ‘good morning’ to us). It comes across as nerds trying desparately to be cool. It doesn’t work. We aren’t cool – that’s why we’re nerds. We’re cool with not being cool.

    Finally, I don’t class being “ravaged” as something to look forward to :)


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @kiantremayne – Certainly “ravaged” brings up a mental image either of disaster or something that happens to the heroine in early Barbara Cartland novels, neither of which quite fits.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    And in a similar vein, I got another press release today for a rock, indie, punk, and underground music festival called RIOT FEST.

    Not saying anything against it… GWAR is on the list of bands, gotta love them… but I have to wonder how the name of the event went down with the hosting city.

    “Yeah, hello. We’re here to host RIOT FEST in your down town. Lots of nice plate glass you have around here.”

    Dallas was tough enough to man up, and Chicago, but I am not sure it would play in Peoria.

    Right up there with being ravaged I suppose.


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