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September in Review

The Site

Hey, I got a WordPress.com achievement this month.


I bet you didn’t even know they had blogging achievements.

Meanwhile, I have written over 2,500 posts… so I guess only 1 in 5 items I put up are actually deemed likeable by a single individual.

And even then, while I get the occasional regular on the list, the profile of the average person who pushes the “Like” button at the bottom of my posts seems to be “random stranger who never comments and who seems to be hoping that if they click the button people will visit their blog.”  There was probably some “how to get more traffic” post somewhere recommending this.

So, yeah, clearly as meaningful as most achievements I get in any game.  Go me.

One Year Ago

I did the great survey of blogs that had, at one time or another, included this site in their blog roll over the last five years.  Only 28% of them were still up and active.  There was also the five year anniversary post and all that it entailed.

I implied that Tobold’s mother a llama.  This had NOTHING to do with him not having a blog roll.

I was totally going to resist Steam selling me Rift for cheap.  That didn’t work.  I’m still playing a year later.

Star Trek Online announced it was going free to play, though I couldn’t imagine how it wasn’t already.

In LOTRO, the Rise of Isengard expansion came out and I almost didn’t notice.  Which was odd, because we were kind of playing LOTRO still.

The Goons were going to wreck the EVE economy by blowing up high sec ice miners.  Another vast Goon conspiracy.  I was being nostalgic for my earlier days in EVE.

GameSpy had a post about re-imagining Diablo as a first person perspective game, which was met with much derision.  Me, I liked the idea and even had suggestions for further topics in that vein to explore.  Meanwhile, Diablo III was pushed out to the middle of 2012.

In other Blizzard news, the Official World of Warcraft Magazine went belly up after just five issues.

I was still playing Need for Speed: World pretty regularly.  I was filming police chases, avoiding police chases, and buying the squarest ride in the game.

On the Fippy Darkpaw server, the retro experience was made complete by “guilds behaving badly” when it came to contested content.  Some GMs came up with unorthodox ways to resolve conflicts.

ArenaNet said something about private GuildWars 2 PvP servers.  I wonder how that would play today?

EA/BioWare gave us a release date for SWTOR at last, so I could start fretting about pre-orders and grace periods.  While I wasn’t in beta yet, BioWare was asking how I was enjoying it.

There was no word about life on Planet Michael.

And, finally, I was wondering how 9/11, which took place just a couple months before the birth of my daughter, would influence her view of the world relative to my own.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago I was waxing nostalgic about the Thundering Steppes, complete with pictures.

Meanwhile, as Tabula Rasa prepared to show up, Auto Assault passed into the history of MMOs.  Unfair comparisons were made. (Which turned out to be surprisingly prescient.)

Our summer hiatus from WoW was over and the group was back together for more instance fun.

The return to WoW showed something of a contrast with the way LOTRO played.  I was asking why LOTRO was not as much fun as WoW while speculating on where LORTO might expand and making up silly sight-gag posts.

And I was responding to another blog meme, reading Play Money, warming to the Wii Virtual Console, remembering Adventure, looking towards the future of PvP play, wondering if I was a member of the press, and talking about getting naked.

New Linking Sites

The following blogs have linked this site in their blogroll, for which they have my thanks.

Please take a moment to visit them in return.

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EVE Online

The war against Northern Coalition and its allies continues.  The CFC is deep into the Tribute region and there are a few fleet operations, which is pretty much what I do in null sec, running almost every day.  The problem is with an around the clock game with a world spanning population, it can be tough to get in on some of those operations.  During the week, there is a fairly narrow band of time, call it 02:00 to 05:00 UTC, when I can start an op.  Otherwise I am at work, eating dinner, or sleeping.  And not a lot of ops have been falling in that time.

Still, I got in on a couple early in the month, got my requisite kills on the kill board to show that I am out there PvP’ing, and then flew logistics for the rest of the month since a Scimitar is the one ship welcome in almost any fleet.


The Saturday night group has slowly started rolling again.  We knocked out another instance and have a couple more on the list.  We are also getting closer to level cap, which is timely, as the Storm Legion expansion is due out in a little over a month.

In the mean time, I have also been working a little bit every night on my mage.  I will have at least 3 of the four classes at level 50 before Storm Legion launches.

Torchlight II

Runic launched their contender for the Diablo II crown at last.  It is good.  Light and fast and solid, I have spent a lot of time playing it.  Unfortunately, that time has been 100% solo, and solo play makes for boring posts in my opinion.  Still, once I get through the story line, it will be time to match the game up against Diablo III to see who I think best captured the spirit of Diablo II.

World of Warcraft

Pandas were unleashed, but I opted not to buy in.  Which, I guess if early reports are accurate, was not an uncommon reaction.  It isn’t that I am anti-panda.  It was more a matter of Cataclysm breaking my bond with the game.  And while I have one character at level 85, I was clearly only putting in a token effort over the last 8 months or so.  And then there was the “please stop charging my credit card” encounter with Blizzard customer support that left me unhappy with the company in general.  And so I count the days until my subscription expires… October 22, 2012 at 10:03 AM PST.  Then I have 19 hours to unsubscribe before they charge my card again.  And that will be that.

Coming Up

It will be October shortly.  Guild Wars 2, Mists of Pandaria, and Torchlight II have all launched at this point.

November should bring Rift’s Storm Legion, along with Something or Something expansions for EverQuest and EverQuest II.

And what does October bring?  Riders of Rohan, which is yet another expansion I won’t be buying, primarily because I am nowhere near high enough level to access any of the content.  Do level based MMOs contain the seeds of their own demise in the form of expansions?

So I suspect that, for me, gaming will mostly be Rift, EVE Online, and Torchlight II in October.

It is fall.  Once the weather turns a bit chilly, it will be time for nostalgia.  Maybe I’ll make another video or something.