Support Your Local Kill Board is one of those amazing external resources, like DOTLAN EVE Maps,  that has sprung up around EVE Online, that I am not sure how we would do without.

Yes, kill boards are not exactly unknown, but has pretty much become THE kill board as far as I can tell.

It has critical mass that‘s kill board seems to lack (a pity, because while I like their site, and they host EVE Mon development, a chunk of my kills never appear there) and which an individual corp and alliance board can never hope to achieve.

It is where most organizations go to create an individual or event kill boards as well as where people go to find the latest big losses and Top 20 lists, for those who dwell on such things.

And it is where I go to make sure I am getting credit for kills and to link my losses for reimbursement.

My current overall stats

Unfortunately, EVE-Kill itself was almost a kill statistic back on September 20th when it suffered a hardware failure.

The site is back up and running again, with no data lost, but the team that takes care of the system is trying to get the whole thing to a reliable, stable state.  That means some new hardware, which in turn means money.

So they are looking to the community that uses the site to help out by kicking in some money.

If you use and want to help out, they have a donation scheme setup with Pledgie, a service I had never heard of until today, but which I had no doubt existed.  You can go to their pledge page by clicking on this link.

There is also a detailed description of what happened and what their plan is on their Pledgie page.

Their base goal is $4,000, with $8,000 being sufficient for their wishlist of hardware upgrades.

I hope enough people will step up and help them out.

I think I am on the list as donor 35 – Anonymous.  I wanted to donate without creating yet another account on the internet.