Do I Push Forward or Hold Back?

I spent a chunk of time in Rift last night looking for a check box that was not there.

I was looking for this check box.

No, no, not the one about marriage proposals.  The Lock XP checkbox.

It is gone.

I was so happy when they added mentoring… or what they call mentoring in any case… that I failed to notice that they took the lock XP option away… until last night.

As I mentioned, I have been doing the Autumn Harvest event with Hillmar, my cleric, who is also my instance group character.  This and other activities have pushed him a bit ahead of the group in levels.

But now he has a farmer’s hat!

No problem right?  We have mentoring in Rift!

Only I learned that there is a dead zone in mentoring.  You cannot mentor down less than five levels.  When would you want to do that, right?

I am sitting at level 44, while the rest of the group is trying to get to level 42 for the next instance.  So mentoring leaves me sitting at level 39, which means I cannot do the instance.    But, two levels isn’t really a huge discrepancy.  If If I stay at 44, I might heal a bit better, but it won’t make a drastic impact on the group dynamic.

So I went to go lock my XP so I would remain at level 44.

Only, as I pointed out, the option is gone.

Trion gives with one hand and takes away with another.

I am not sure why Trion felt they they couldn’t have both mentoring and XP locking.  EverQuest II has mentoring, XP locking, AND the ability to route adventure XP to alternate advancement.

Anyway, now I have a decision to make.  Do I try to push forward to 47 so I can mentor down to 42 for the next instance, or do I stop playing Hillmar completely until we’re ready to go for the Fall of Latern Hook?

6 thoughts on “Do I Push Forward or Hold Back?

  1. Chris

    I too didn’t realize this until I went searching. I believe the rationale for not allowing it, though, probably falls into two areas: 1) xp lock was only a stopgap for mentoring; and, 2) XP locking embraces twinking in PVP which they seem to be against. From what I understand, the sub-50 PVP tiers became extremely punishing while it was in effect.


  2. Liore

    Hmm, yeah, That’s too bad about the dead zone for mentoring and dungeon limits. I can confirm though that warzones from about level 40-49 were really really terrible. I love MMO pvp, and I gave up by 45.


  3. bhagpuss

    Wouldn’t the solution be to allow xp locking in PvE but make it switch back on automatically in PvP? That way you could twink for about three Warfronts before you got kicked upstairs but if you had no interest in PvP you could stay level 29 for years if you so wished.

    Actually, I thought they removed the XP lock all the way back when they invented Rift Lite. I’m pretty sure it was removed for Rift Lite characters, preventing us from locking at 19, which I would have done. ON the other hand, my RiftLite character hasn’t actually reached 19 yet due to TSW and GW2 effectively removing Rift from my repertoire over the summer and I could just have missed it – I didn’t look all that hard.

    Which leaves me to ask, can RiftLite characters mentor down?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Ah yes, I remember the XP locking being a thing back on the EQII PvP server, where people would lock at levels before certain key class features, like evac, would come into play and then work hard on gear to become uber in the level 18 bracket.

    See, I don’t do much in battlegrounds and such, and when I do I just assume I lose because I am so bad, so I don’t think about this sort of thing.

    As I recall, WoW went after this by making people who locked their XP fight in special twink battlegrounds. But it has the population to allow that.

    We will have to see this weekend. I don’t think we will be ready for the next instance, so I will have time to push forward to 47 so I can mentor down to 42 if I want. Though then I have the check where that leaves me for the instance after that. I guess the last three instances are 48-50, so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much at that point.


  5. Warsyde

    If you were level 45 or even 46, you’re not going to have much impact on the rest of the group in a dungeon, and if you hit 47 you can mentor down to 42. I’ve been in plenty of groups with people several levels ahead (or even more than that before the mentoring system) and generally my experience has been that it’s not a problem unless there’s a really big level gap.

    The only thing you being higher level will do is give you a bit more survivability when you inevitably draw aggro.

    Not that you do that, of course.


  6. pkudude99

    I’m with Warsyde — push forward, but if you don’t make it to 47, then just don’t mentor. It really won’t make a big difference other than to make your life a little bit easier.


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