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Large Stacks, Small Favors, Crappy Forums

Another one of those “several items too small for their own post” posts.

Stacking Things Higher

A company can put out pages of release notes… in this case Trion has a modest Stephen King novel worth of changes posted for their upcoming pre-expansion readiness patch… and I will ignore all of the class balancing and talent reworks and major features to glom onto something like this:

All crafting materials should stack to 99 in Storm Legion.

Sweet Jesus, about freaking time!

Has there been an MMO released that did not have to increase the size of stacked goods at some point?

This was expected back in EverQuest when SOE was kind of making up the rules as they went along.  And even back in early WoW, where some stuff only stacked in groups of five, maybe game designers had yet to figure out what sort of obsessive compulsive hoarders MMO crafters can be.

But by the time we hit LOTRO, I think maybe game companies should have figured this out.  And Rift?  Come on!  Stacks of 20 weren’t enough back when EQII launched.  I have an overflowing bank to prove it!

Anyway, maybe the next MMO that launches will have learned.

The Archive Team and City of Heroes

This one just needs the relevant tweets.

Go Archive Team!  That was actually kind of a big favor.

New EverQuest Forums

SOE launched new forums for EverQuest recently, for the usual “sounds good” reasons.

We’ve got bright and shiny new forums coming for EverQuest!

On the morning of October 9, 2012 EverQuest will be getting a whole new forum system. These new forums will run faster, smoother, and have all sorts of fun functionality added! As a result, users of our current forums will need to create a new account for our forums after they go live.

Who can argue with faster, smoother, and fun functionality, right?

I am going to guess that those three items applied to the SOE side of maintaining and moderating the forums, because they do not seem much faster or a bit smoother to me.  And you know, they ought to with so few posts in them at this point.  As for fun features… I suppose I haven’t looked close enough.  I will say that the features I liked in the past forums seem to be worse or broken.

Of course, I was not a big forum user to start with.  But I kept the Time Locked Progression server forum RSS feed in my reader to keep up with what was going on with Fippy Darkpaw.

The new forums have RSS feed icons for individual forums as well.  They just appear to be broken.  So I subscribed to the “all forums” RSS feed only to find that it merely sends out thread titles but no posts.  So if I want information, I have to go visit the forums on a regular basis, which I simply won’t remember to do after a while.

Basically, the whole thing seems like a giant step backwards from my perspective.

Meanwhile, the old forums were moved to a new URL, breaking all links to posts.  I hate when companies do that.

And they will be trashing the old forums in a couple of months anyway, so it will soon be like all of that never happened.

Maybe I had better call the Archive Team.