Four for Lantern Hook Please!

The next Rift instance on our list was The Fall of Lantern Hook.

We were pushing to get everybody up to level 42 after the last run, the lowest level at which we could use the LFG tool to transport us to the instance.

I was kind of stressing that because the name of the instance made it sound like an event along the lines of the Caverns of Time, and I was wondering how that might be handled.  Would it be a quest chain or some series of events we would have to trigger.  All I knew was that it would probably be easiest to use the tool to get to Lantern Hook rather than ride out there, since I had yet to see the big green instance marker on the Droughtlands map.

Oh, Lantern Hook

We were also running short a person.  Earl persists in having a life.  So our lineup was:

  • Jollyreaper level 41 mage
  • Zahihawass level 43 cleric
  • Gizalia level 45 mage
  • Hillmar level 47 cleric

Earl had actually been on earlier in the day and had gotten himself up to level 43, so only Jolly was below the level 42 goal for the group.

We decided to do a reconnaissance in force to Lantern Hook to find out where the instance was and to see what we would be facing as a group.

More after the cut…

A hook on which to hang ones lantern.

The first task, figuring out how to get into the instance, had already been handled by Zahi.  Despite there not being a silver set emerald on my map, there was a simple entrance to the instance.  It just happened to be at the bottom of the indoor pool down on the lowest level of Lantern Hook.

So they put a time portal in the pool?

We dove in and swam to the bottom and came out in a different version of Lantern Hook.  I think.  Somehow I missed the lore around the pool and the portal and what it all meant.  Not that it was my first time to do so.  But we were inside and there a few groups of mobs about and some quest markers on the minimap.

All inside the instance

The quests appeared to be in jail cells guarded by a couple of the groups.  We shook ourselves out to take them on, with Zahi changing over to his tanking spec so he could play front man, while I marked up the targets.  With only four of us, it seemed like a good idea to start right in with crowd control.  Squirrels for the win.

We managed to knock down the two groups without much drama, and were into the cells to pick up the quests, which involved going deeper into the instance.  Imagine that.

There were two cells, and some of us were in one and some in another and you had to talk to people from both.   Thanks to group updates, we managed to skim really quickly through those conversations and triggered one of the prisoners to run off, leading us to a ramp.  At the top of the ramp was a named mob, and we launched right into him.

We had not, however, cleared the remaining two groups from the initial area and they joined in on the fight, leading to our first wipe of the night.

We revived and pulled back to clear the ground floor before we started on the ramp again.  I am not sure what became of our suicidally enthusiastic NPC companion.  But the named mob at the top of the ramp wasn’t much of an issue once we had him alone.

We moved on up into Lantern Hook, eventually reaching an open room that would become our first big challenge.  As we sat in the mouth of the passage looking out into the room, there were easily a dozen and a half mobs in various groups arrayed around the room, including the first boss of the instance, Rorf.

Given our first encounter, we decided we had better clear the room first, then tackle Rorf and his pet hound.  But who to pull first.

We decided on one of the guys wandering around the center of the room.  Better to get that wildcard out of the way now then work on groups.  However, upon tagging him, the first thing he did was run over to two of the groups and pull them along for the ride.  Rather than a single, we ended up with quite a handful.  Time to wipe again!

Surprise guests!

The trick of this room seemed to be in the pulling.  We managed to wipe a couple more times.  At this point we had also discovered that, at some point, everybody had been given an ascended power that let you ress your comrades.  So Gizalia would feign death when things were going south, then turn around and bring us back.  No rush to keep the cleric alive any more during a wipe I guess!

Eventually though, we did managed to whittle down the room.  That was less through skilled and insightful pulls and more through bloody minded persistence though.  After clearing all of that, the wandering Rorf and his hound were fairly straightforward.  I was at least getting a workout with my spec change.  I went from my home rolled healing spec to the predefined one, which seemed to be working out okay.

We moved forward, clearing groups as we went.  We managed some impressive groups with just the four of us.

Seven with one blow!

Granted, there were a couple of non-elites in the mix, but we were only a group of four and missing our regular tank with all his AOE taunting abilities and such.

The next trick was just figuring out where we were headed.  Lantern Hook is a bit of a chore to navigate when it is full of friendlies and lit by more than just burning piles of rubbish.  Eventually though, we did find a side door with a ramp up to another open area.

Searching for the next location

That area was the home of the second boss, Pyromaster Cortinald.  And his room, like Rorf’s room, had mobs strewn about it in groups and looked to be another pulling puzzle.  We took it slowly and only wiped once before we managed to clear out the main floor.

The Pyromaster is up on a high spot overlooking his room, and is out of the way while you do your pulling.  Once you are done though, the fun really begins.

Cortinald teleports around, sort of like Archmage Arugal in old Shadowfang Keep.  He also brews up columns of fire that you have to avoid, all the while chasing him to beat him down.  It was quite an exciting fight.  Probably the best boss fight I have had in a long time.

Dance with the Pyromaster

But for all the workout of running around, we managed to bring him down without loss.  So that was two bosses down with only our group of four.  Lantern Hook wasn’t looking that tough.

After the Pyromaster, it was time to find our way to the next location.  The obvious route, a large tunnel at one end, was blocked by a force field and we could not figure out a way to disable it.  Further exploration lead us up and around the Pyromaster’s starting point and back along a ledge that brought us to an open area at the top of Lantern Hook, complete with three likely looking bad guys and one roaming patrol.

We went after one of the bad guys, pulling him back onto the path that lead in the plateau, but once he was down, another forcefield went up, preventing us from getting back to the area with the other two.  Apparently, once you start in on these guys, you are supposed to be forced to stay in their area to content with the patrol or some such.  But now we were locked out.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a very thorough forcefield, and with some effort, we managed to find a path up and around on the rocks that got us back to where we needed to be.

Was this wall there for a reason?

Once inside again, we took out the patrol, which respawned again almost immediately.  So we took it out again and, this time, it stayed gone.  We cleared up the other actors in the area, and headed up the tunnel at the far end.  The tunnel lead us to the final boss, Emberlord Ereetu.

Faced with the Emberlord

There was, of course, nothing else for it but to get stuck into him and see how it went.  We were sort of surprised to have gotten this far and were wondering if we might actually finish the whole thing off as a group of four.

Then we started running into problems.

The first go at him ended badly because when the fight starts, yet another forcefield goes up sealing off the end of the tunnel nearest his little open area.  You have to fight him in his room.  Unfortunately, while Zahi and Hillmar rushed in to the room, Gaz and Jolly stayed back to take him at range, only to end up locked out of the fight.

DPS stuck outside the fight

That went about as expected.  A couple of resses later, we were warming up for another attempt.

Spells up, ready to go!

This time we all got into the fight, but things went south pretty quickly.  And so we went again.  And again.  And again.

Always the same result

The Emberlord was clearly in a league ahead of the rest of his staff.  We were barely taking a bite out of him before dying.  I was having problems just keeping Zahi alive long enough for the fight to really get very far.  In the end, we decided that we were going to need a full group with Earl tanking in his better mitigation along with Zahi in his usual role adding in some more healing.

So we will be coming back to Lantern Hook.

Of course, the big Rift 1.11 patch looks like it dropped last night… I didn’t get online because there was 2.7 GB of patch to download and apply… and who knows how that will impact our group.  We will see next time.

7 thoughts on “Four for Lantern Hook Please!

  1. flosch

    I think the idea behind this dungeon is that it is some sort of alternate future time line, similar to the one in which you start as Defiant. Just that this time, Lantern Hook is/was the last unconquered area, and it’s the fire guys instead of the death guys that are the main problem. Or something like this. Lore is not exactly Rift’s strong point. ;)

    With only four players, and at the lower end of the spectrum, the Emberlord fight probably is the DPS race is was envisioned to be. He cleaves, randomly hits non-tank players with some stuff, and summons indestructible shards that to unavoidable damage. Which is the race part.

    I’ve never seen that force field, btw. Then again, I’ve only been to lantern hook two or three times, and only with dungeon finder people who already seemed to know their way around, so maybe I just never got anywhere close to it.


  2. bhagpuss

    Geez, 2.7gb? Thanks for the warning.

    How are you looking forward to re-doing your entire talent point pool on every character come Storm Legion, by the way? I know I *just can’t wait*.

    For once, not having played for the bast part of a year should work in my favor – I would have had to have re-learned everything anyway.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Yeah, I sent out the word to the group, patch early!

    Here is the deal on my talent points. I just swapped Hillmar over to the pre-set suggested healer build, so now four out of four of my main characters use one of the pre-sets, all of which work better than any of my hand-rolled builds for the role on which they are focused.

    This actually removes my worry about resetting them. I will just use the pre-set builds again and see what changes came along with them.

    When I complain about not liking talent point systems, I always point out that a system that lets people make bad builds that impact game play is not a good idea. (And some of my attempts didn’t just impact group play, but made solo play a horrible effort.) The pre-sets remove that worry. (And they prove that I will, in fact, make bad builds even with the best intentions.)

    People who want the freedom to min/max or roll their own still have it. Those of us who don’t want to spend time playing the talent point game have a way to opt out and not suck horribly.


  4. flosch

    For me, it was only a 700mb patch. No idea why that would be. And it patched surprisingly fast. Too bad that patch completely changed how my Chloromancer works. *sigh* I don’t mind talent makeovers per se, but when they go hand-in-hand with a class rewrite, I get grumpy. At least when I liked the current version of the class. Then again, who knows, maybe that will lead to some more interesting skill-rotations than void life ad nauseam?


  5. ausj3w3l

    These is rather amusing, It was probably this bad in our groups first run but having cleared all the experts reading this makes me groan

    As a suboptimal tank (even as a fully geared one) his 3 burst fire attack does a heap of damage however it isn’t targeted and is basically strait ahead so if your constantly straphing a lot he tends to miss a few, you can even go straight through him if there are no melee to get cleaved. It’s kind of funny as your so used to a tank not having to move much.


  6. Mekhios

    I did enjoy Rift. It’s not an MMO I spent a lot of time with but it was quality gaming. Now if only someone would resurrect Tabula Rasa.


  7. Anonymous

    I thoroughly enjoying reading about your adventures in Lantern Hook! Oh the simple pleasures of just levelling and experiencing the world for the very first time!


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